we see what you don’t ….. ❤️

we see what you don’t

our sights are set way ahead

please trust us, dear child


4 thoughts on “we see what you don’t ….. ❤️”

    1. Yes ….. I love presenting various viewpoints …. all in the name of LOVE. ❤️ As children, most of us think we’re ready to face the world …. to conquer the world …. well, confidence and courage are great ….. but we should never forget that our parents have such wisdom for they have walked our path way before we were even born …. and what’s more, they come from a point of LOVE. This is a short sweet tribute to parents …. ❤️


      1. Aww yes, yes, yes! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my Dad and Mom! They mean more than the world to me! ❤️


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