when I use my head ….. ❤️

when I use my head

I just can’t get through to you

that’s why I use heart


56 thoughts on “when I use my head ….. ❤️”

      1. Wow Dr. Prashant ….I was blown away when I visited your blog…. I felt like I was on another awe-inspiring, captivating planet altogether! 🙂


      1. Dear Nina, I was most moved with your post …. I left a comment in your blog …. and I love how I have gained a new friend …. you are so beautiful and authentic …… I love that about you. ❤️


  1. My next words are in no way taking away from the exceptional piece you wrote. These words are an after thought, that cannot stain or taint the purity of the piece.

    Many times, many many times in our lives we allow to be led by the heart, because the heart is rooted in the pureness of LOVE. We believe this to be a guiding light, which indeed it is. After all it says in 1 Cor 13:4 Love NEVER fails. However, and that is a MIGHTY BIG however, LOVE is often mistaken 85% for LUST. And so there we are always our hearts to be led, and in turn allowing our lives to be led by LUST, instead of LOVE. And all of us who have experience, which only LIFE can teach us in combination with getting older, we can testify to this TRUTH. Worse- the following MUST be mentioned- The enemy, both spiritual invisible and mortal, they see US coming a mile away wearing LOVE on our sleeves. “AHA! they say..fools! They shall be easy pickings for us!” And we are. So easily led astray. So easily lied to and deceived. This is why I write this. To help someone. We MUST go to the FATHER, for discernment, for clarity, because one thing is for certain- PAIN, which comes from LOVING someone which we believe to be LOVE/whether it be TRUE LOVE or LUST,… PAIN is inevitable. PAIN and LOVE do one thing- blind us- that’s why they say LOVE IS BLIND. PAIN makes us blind too. Torture someone and they will tell you they baptized Jesus, anything you want to hear to stop the pain. And they will do anything if they are being exploited, or a family member is being exploited and they believe they can save them. The pain blinds them into believing they ‘can trust’ the enemy, and the enemy will do what they say. You cannot save your loved one by TRUSTING the enemy. I apologize about the length. I look forward to reading your other pieces.

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