Your very first breath. Your very first cry. Your very first smile. Ahhh! These all signaled that glorious moment of your arrival. You were born. And our world was never the same!

With your miraculous birth came your undeniable claim, your indisputable privilege, your inalienable birthright. Your happiness. Yes, your gift to yourself and to the rest of the world.

But what is happiness, really? Is it a buzzword that people just nonchalantly throw around in social gatherings? Is it the poster-perfect image that people plaster on their social media accounts? Is it popularity in terms of how often your picture appears in glossy magazines or mega billboards? Is it your number of “friends” on Facebook or your number of “followers” on Instagram?  Is it the attention-grabbing, shiny cars parked in your garage? Is it the grand vacation that you take to “get away from it all”? Is it your handsome paying job? Is it your highly diversified portfolio? Is it your gallery of certificates at home? Tell me now. Is it any of these external pleasures that are here today ….. and yet, may be gone tomorrow?

Well, we all have our own version of happiness and that’s totally okay. In fact, it’s wonderful that way. We’re all entitled to our own brand of happiness. As we navigate in our journey towards happiness, we may take different routes. Others may prefer to focus outward. Still, others may prefer to search within. It’s all a matter of mindset. It’s all a matter of perspective. It’s all a matter of meaning that we attach to things, to experiences, to people that we encounter in our lives.

Happiness is a gift wrapped in a variety of ways. It’s our choice to unwrap this precious gift and maximize it. It’s our choice to share it with the rest of the world too.

And what gives us the power to be authentically happy? Regardless of what’s happening around us. What gives us the ability to truly embrace happiness, to inhale it, to taste it, to savor it, to relish it, to be in the moment with it, to linger in it, to play with it, to relax with it, to grow with it, to learn with it, to work with it, to partner with it, to live with it, to love with it?

Ultimately, WE are the power of happiness within us. We decide to be happy. We choose happiness. We become happiness personified.

Does that mean that we put ourselves in a box and cease to be human? Does that mean that we need to surgically implant smiles on our faces just to ensure that we “look happy” all day long? Does that mean that we deny our other colorful and necessary shades of human emotions?

Oh no!!! Farthest from that. For happiness goes beyond flashy smiles and buoyant spirits. Happiness goes beyond mantras and positive declarations. Happiness is more of a steady, grateful smile in the heart. That may shine ever so brilliantly for all to see in energized festivities or even glimmer quietly in solitude in the dark.  For happiness is not about what happens around us. Happiness simply reflects the beauty and strength that we possess within. Through the different seasons of life.

Yes, happiness is our birthright. Happiness is our gift of ourselves to the world. We were born to be happy. We were born to inspire. ❤️

So, what’s your kind of happiness ? ❤️


    1. Wow Jim! I just read your awesome post of hugs! One of my faves! Thanks for sending me smiles and happy hugs! 😊💚☘️😊💚☘️😊💚☘️😊💚☘️😊💚☘️😊💚☘️😊💚☘️😊💚

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    1. Aww thanks with deep love and affection, Dear Sarika! You have made my day even lovelier with your inspiration! 💐🌼🌸🌼💐🌸🌼🌸💐🌼🌸🌼💐🌸🌼🌸💐

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    1. You’re right! It’s the amazing kind of contagion! And the world will be even more wonderful with it! Thanks for sharing your special happiness too! 🌍💚❤️💙🌎

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    1. Such sweetness Nims! Thanks so much! And cheers to your personal style of happiness. Truly your own. Your very own heartbeat in life! ❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️

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  1. A resounding, an Authentic and a grateful AMEN!

    Let it be so just exactly as it is said here. I’ve never read a more authentic capturing of the essence of happiness that truly exists then what is written here.

    I am so very resoundingly, authentically and gratefully happy this morning for reading this.

    Peace…And Happiness to all blessed for reading here today.



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    1. So amazingly blessed with your resounding love, happiness, and authentically abundant appreciation! Thank you so, so much! And Amen to your Amen! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Yes Mat! Definitely! No matter what life throws our way, we always have a choice. And we choose HAPPINESS……… ❤️😊☀️⭐️✨💫⭐️☀️😊❤️


  2. So very filled with generosity of spirit. What beautiful, simple, and cheerful imagery you’ve chosen to compliment your message. All lift the spirit; some leaning toward the healing of wounds – like a buoyancy, like your cheerful yellow balloons. 🌱🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 💓

    Grace be upon all then.
    Thoughts of kindness toward all souls.

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    1. ……. “All lift the spirit; some leaning toward the healing of wounds – like a buoyancy, like your cheerful yellow balloons…,,,.”

      How powerfully beautiful and generous! Love the levity of your spirit! And yes, KINDNESS to all souls! ❤️🌼🎈🌼❤️


  3. ……. “All lift the spirit; some leaning toward the healing of wounds – like a buoyancy, like your cheerful yellow balloons…,,,.”

    How powerfully beautiful and generous! Love the levity of your spirit! And yes, KINDNESS to all souls! ❤️🌼🎈🌼❤️


    1. Thank you so much! Deeply honored to share this awesome birthright with YOU. HAPPINESS IS OURS FOR THE TAKING! OURS FOR THE LIVING! OURS FOR THE LOVING! ❤️🌼☀️⭐️🌼⭐️☀️🌼⭐️☀️❤️

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    1. We are all given the power to choose Happiness. It’s in our DNA. It’s in our blood. It’s our very birthright. You are a happy inspiration to me …. thank you! so much 🙂

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      1. Aww you are such an awesome Joy-giver as always Mathew! Have a happy Sunday! 💛☀️🌼💛☀️🌼💛☀️🌼


      2. we must try to spread positivity even though we are in negative situation.. Now I am in hospital as a bystander.. my sister is hospitalised because of illness.. During this time talking to my fellow bloggers giving me positive vibe

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      3. Ohhh I am so sorry to hear that Mathew …. will include your dear sister in my loving prayers 🙏 ….. I can empathize as I have had sad new regarding the health of relatives too …. and I am one with you in the choice to keep pressing on, believing, lifting one another, encouraging, supporting, and sharing our gifts of faith, hope, and LOVE…..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    1. Oh wow what amazing anchors you’ve got! Truly, you travel through life with such sweet victory! Here’s to even more HAPPINESS in your awesome life! Thanks for making my heart smile! ❤️😁🙏❤️😄🙏

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      1. Then you can definitely sail through any of the roughest seas in life ….. and eventually reach the breathtaking horizon and say it was worth it all! ❤️☀️💚☀️💙☀️ Keep on sailing on ….. keep on sailing strong, Captain!


  4. Such a great post. So simple, yet poignantly honest and correct. We all have our own happiness within us and it’s about taking time to pursue happiness and say YES to welcoming it in to our lives. I’m the most happy when I’ve spent a day with my family as well as time alone reading ❤


    1. Oh wow! You bring home a good point. A powerful point. Just this week, I had a series of bad news …… I wasn’t jumping for joy 😢😢….. but just like you, and many among us, I regrouped, I recalibrated, I steadied my course ….. and I decided to choose GRATITUDE and HAPPINESS as my auto-pilot response ….. Thank you so much for encouraging me to go on and fight the good fight of FAITH and LOVE! ❤️💛💚💙💜

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      1. My Dear YBP, Thank You for that. …Yet, as Our Fight is Not with Just the forces of This world, We can be Happy Only after We have Truly done our Best for the Betterment of the World. 🙂

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  5. The conversation between YBP and Swamiyesudas reminds me of something important that I just recently was guided to understand, and it was a very hard thing to swallow at first. Every time I am reminded, it is still hard to swallow…like bitter medicine that heals.

    I am reminded that so long as I have a choice, I am in God’s Love and Grace. If I am called by Grace to perform a task, and for what ever reason, I perform it poorly (reason: overwhelmed by the consequences and fear takes hold of me and I falter) then I feel badly and condemn myself as others do. I have done this to other’s that have failed before me and have failed me, too. As done, I loose hope and faith; I get angry and my happiness flees. It feels like the most unloving situation, and I am miserable.

    But what I am reminded of is that God’s love is not felt in the consequence; God’s love is and ever was and ever will be in the “Choice.” The “Choice” is God’s love. Even if I choose poorly or other’s choices impact me severely Then If I can move all the feelings of a horrible consequence aside and see the blessing of “Choice” then I am empowered to love deeply as God Loves me deeply enough to have Faith enough in me to bless me with the power of “Choice.”

    So you see (as I have come to this small step that makes a huge difference in how I may view something negative) God’s Love and Faith in people is SO GREAT, that he gives us the power to choose freely, and it is this Love and Faith in us that is The Greatest Love and Faith. It is not the good or the bad outcomes seen as either reward or failure. Rather it is the “choice” and the Freedom in that which I our greatest Love.

    I know this is a small thing…such a small thing to consider. It was so very small indeed that I have missed it; over looked it for almost my whole life and suffered so very very greatly for it, but once I remembered that it is “The Choice” where in God’s Love and Grace is always present, then no matter what happens then I can see, feel and know God’s Love and Grace. If I can and when I remember this then I never ever may fail to See God’s Love In All Things; great and small.

    Forgiveness then…becomes a simple thing…as simple as a choice. No mater what, Choose to forgive and there is God’s Love and Grace ALWAYS.

    In Contrast, I have utter faith and belief that there is no greater evil then to have no choice; whether stollen, mislead away from perceiving it or failing to see it. The greatest evil any can do is to have no choice.

    If we are ever aware of choice then we are ever aware of the Greatest Love and Grace. If we are ever put out of sight of our choices, then we are ever in the deepest darkest despair.

    May there ever be a light to see our Choices; God’s Greatest Love to Us.



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    1. Such profound light and love! Thank you ever so graciously. INDEED, WE ARE ALL SUPREMELY BLESSED WITH OUR GOD WHO LOVES US ALL COMPLETELY AND UNCONDITIONALLY….. we worship Him and thank Him for the gift of free will, the gift of choice! And with this gift, WE CHOOSE LOVE!!!❤️💛💚💙💜💛☀️💙💜❤️💚❤️💛


  6. Amen! In Humility, Amen! And with Christ In our Hearts, Amen…and it is so.

    Here is light, and here is God’s Love in this Place.

    We are all so blessed.

    Peace to you…and Love…and Light In God Through Christ’s Love. Love God, and Love Thy neighbor as Thy Self. With Christ In our Hearts, Then it is so.

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    1. Aww so gratefully humbled ….. what a huge compliment coming from you, Lance …… thanking you immensely for your powerful inspiration! SUPER!!! 😊🌼💛⭐️🌟🌼😊💛

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  7. This is one wonderful story about happiness and how we can find it and partake of it and be inside of it with others. You made me read it right to the end of this story. I am happy I read it and I smiled lots !

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      1. You are very welcome and I am happy your words made me smile as I read them. I know God helps me as replied to your blog. Thanks for all the love !! I am sending you lots of love and desire to keep creating such wonderful blog posts for us to feast our eyes on YBP !!


    1. Wow George! You just made my day even brighter!!!! Sending you warmest inspiration too!!!!! 😃💛🌼☀️😃💛🌼☀️😃💛🌼☀️


  8. Bonjour Mon AMIE , Ami
    Comment trouver le bonheur

    Ne le cherche pas le bonheur dans tes souvenirs
    Cela te ferait beaucoup plus de mal
    Tu retrouverais les bons ainsi que les mauvais
    Si tu veux trouver le bonheur
    Cherche le dans le présent
    C’est seulement là qu’ il t’attend et là tu éviteras ceux qui peuvent te faire du mal
    Alors vit ton bonheur dans ce présent
    Belle semaine à toi , tes proches tes amies
    Pour toi une partie de mon bonheur
    Bisous Bernard

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    1. Thanks you so much for sharing the LOVE! Happiness is yours for the taking! Your abundance touches my soul! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕


  9. Great post! Agree! The Quest for Happiness is what every single one of us is looking for. I spent some time looking into this and I wrote a book about it ‘ This is Your Quest – Your Mission: To experience Happiness along the way ” – http://www.authorjoannereed.net. and on the subject of love I wrote an article a while ago about titled “8 Flavors of Love9According to the Greeks) – Which once are you?” Feel free to check it out! https://authorjoannereed.net/lets-talk-about-love-8-flavors-of-love/

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    1. WOW this is way beyond awesome!!!!! Super Thanks for the happy share! Have a truly lovely day! ❤️💜💛💙💚❤️💚💙💜💛❤️


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