In my life, I’ve been asked nearly a million times (okay, an honest exaggeration, haha!) what the formula for happiness is.

Hmmm. I’m no mathematician, I’m no chemist. I’m no architect. I’m no engineer. I’m no interior designer. I’m no doctor. I’m no lawyer. I’m no psychologist. I’m no “professional” with multiple degrees to make me the “authority” on happiness.

But, an emphatic BUT, I can candidly and confidently share the formula that I’ve used all my life ….

I ADD smiles and laughter to others by sharing happy vibes, cool fun, and encouragement. I love to appreciate others and “catch them” doing great.

I SUBTRACT their tears by showing them compassion and understanding …. oh and yes, when I feel their hurt, I shed a tear or two with them and stay with them through their pain.

I MULTIPLY their growth by acknowledging their strengths and inspiring them to spread their wings and fly higher and higher till their hearts happily soar in the sky. Hope is the priceless gift that I love to give.

I DIVIDE their heavy loads and burdens by listening to their challenging stories and offering them a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on.

Having shared all that, I continue to celebrate the exponential impact on others when I make GRATITUDE the foundation of my personal guaranteed formula.Nothing fancy, one may say. However, it’s clearly effective (this time, NOT an exaggeration).

Gratitude is the powerful base ….. as I add, subtract, multiply, and divide in my journey towards Happiness.

Oh, but don’t take my word for it. Better try it out and see for yourselves. Do tell me about it.

Be prepared though. You may be taken aback (positively, I should say!) with the amazing results! Indeed, a grateful heart is a happy heart.

THANK YOU! From my grateful, happy heart to yours! ❤️


50 thoughts on “THE POWER OF THANK YOU! ❤️”

  1. Thank you Yeka! This is a very kind and wonderful posting. Yes, There is much love in the world, but hate and missunderstanding too. Therefore postings like yours are very needful to bring back understanding. Have a beautiful and blessed weekend! Michael

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    1. Dear Michael, I embrace your wonderful appreciation! I am supremely grateful when I see a kind soul who represents LIGHT to me. I love the way you put it …..

      “There is much love in the world, but hate and missunderstanding too.”

      Others may think that I “live in a happy bubble” ….. but they do not know the various struggles that I go through. Trust me, I have had my share of darkest days, and that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing the light and being the light on my journey.

      I know to my core that WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. So I choose gratitude. I choose happiness. I choose light. I choose kindness. I choose goodness. I choose LOVE. I choose GOD.

      Have a truly beautiful and blessed day too!

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  2. You are completely right. Too often we go through life spending our days in a mindset that revolves completely around aspects that only concern our own welfare. When we stop and spend time to think about others as well as communicate with them, we have a chance to share burdens, gratitude and be happy. Lovely post ❤

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    1. Humbled with your deep love and appreciation….. I have vowed to myself that till my very last breath, I will passionately share my message of hope, of choice, of gratitude, of peace, of happiness, and ultimately ….. of. LOVE!!! ❤️💚☀️💚❤️☀️💚❤️☀️💚❤️☀️💚❤️☀️ Thank you for your powerful inspiration…. the world definitely needs more of YOU!!! 🌎👏😀🌎😀👏🌎😀👏

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  3. Such a brilliant post! I really enjoyed reading this! 🙂 Having an “attitude of gratitude” is so necessary to living a life filled with happiness and contentment. Please keep up the great work that you’re doing!

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    1. So grateful for your wonderful appreciation. THANK YOU for sharing your grateful, happy heart! With LOVE! ❤️💕💛💕💙💕💜💕❤️


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