Wow, it’s a brand new day! Wake up, sunshine!

Whichever part you are in the globe today, it’s an awesome gift to be alive. A totally priceless gift of LOVE! ❤️

So, celebrate!!! Your life, your world, your love!

Yup, decide to flash your signature that tells everyone that you’re glad to be here. In fact, make a cool, happy habit out of it. You’ll reap the amazing rewards!

Ooops! There’s a special phone-in question: “What if there’s NO sun today? What if it’s all gloomy skies, scattered rainshowers, and thunderstorms? What if there’s a whole lot of hail above my head and snow under my feet that I have to contend with? *gtumble, grumble* Will someone just do the shovelling for me?!?!?”

Phew! Okay, okay, okay! I hear you!

Totally valid. You may not be able to control the weather. In fact, you will never be a master at that. BUT! That’s totally okay! That wasn’t part of the grand design and scheme of things.

Just relax. Focus your positive energy on what you do have control over. Your smile, your mind, your heart, your attitude, your sunshine.

And yes, regardless of what’s happening around you, you can STILL have a warm, happy, sunny day.

After all, YOU ARE SUNSHINE!!! ☀️☀️☀️

So, go ahead …… Shine and bless the world!☀️☀️☀️


45 thoughts on “WAKE UP, SUNSHINE! ❤️”

    1. Wow Larry! That’s awesome …. precision. Both the time (11:11) and your timing of comment ….. it just made my day …. wow oh wow!!! Sending love and happy wishes!


    1. Once, forever  and for all ,

      We all have a call ,

      To play a role ,

      Whether big or small , short or tall ,

      Be and do  the best you can

      to just play that role ,

      To grow more and more ,

      In the path of love roll and roll ,

      Love is beyond control ,

      To ride the  waves of  sea hall,

      Do  rise up even after  you  fall ,

      reborn with the divine , you recall…

      Transcending your body  ,

      You have a spirit  and a soul,

      In dark  times,   all would  console …

      Tap into the  infinity of God to recall, 

      So that walls of prisons shall fall,

      Apart To bring liberation , 

      eternally  after all , …

      Decode and Reporgram the matrix  ,

      For justice and awareness to install ,

      Nourish  the forests  in one land and all ,

      For Becoming    better as a whole ,

      drops of rain would  gather and scroll  ,

      Blessings brought  to us as   a waterfall, …

      Be grateful for all that is all in all ,

      No matter how large or small ,

      Be it in the spring or the fall     ,

      All could shine brightly ,  completely  sacredly and  whole ,

      Once , forever and overall …

      ( console means help )

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    2. Wooooow!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, dear Kanika! And welcome to our WP family! ❤️
      Thanks for the sweet nomination! 💕💕💕
      Looking forward to enjoying your blog! 😁⭐️💫💫⭐️

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  1. Yeka, it’s a gray day here today, but your post brought the sunshine. Thank you! I love your positivity. You don’t seem to have the option here for reposting, so I am going to try to copy and repost that way. okay? I want all my readers to see this! I send you love and sunshine today from Montana ❤

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    1. Dear Jan, YOU ARE SO LOVELY!!! ❤️
      I was greatly moved that you shared my message ….. and I loved your reminder how we can all look inward for happiness….
      Would lovingly share your post too ❤️

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      1. Thank you for sharing my message. My readers loved your post!! I did, too, and am enjoying the chance to peruse your blog. Lovely!! Thank you ❤


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