Stay TRUE. Stay YOU. ❤️

What’s one quality that you’ve been appreciated for?

What’s one quality that you embrace in yourself?


24 thoughts on “AUTHENTICITY ❤️”

  1. The thing that gets me about modern life in the West is the amount of haters and hatred going around.
    Human Rights are not pie, allowing everyone to have them doesn’t detract from anyone, however, trying to remove them from some removes them from all.
    Thank you for the message of hope and love included in your post and cartoon, it did make me smile.

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    1. Oh Dave, YOU made me smile! ❤️ Thanks for all your love and warmth! ☀️💛😊

      Hey, we’re living in the same world and although there may be haters and naysayers out there, there are those who love and embrace the light! ⭐️🌟💫 Some parts of the globe may be filled with darkness, but remember no amount of darkness could ever kills the light! Let’s continue to share and shine our light on the world …. while we all still have our precious time left. We do it together. We do it in LOVE!!!!!

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  2. I think I am a good mother..or I try to be a good mother..I love my children and I always pray to help them become good people.
    Great post..keep going dear Yeka ♥️🌺🌹

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    1. Ohhhh you play such a pivotal role in your children’s lives . FOR LIFE! ❤️❤️❤️
      Thanks so much with much LOVE …..for being so loving and nurturing! 💕💕💕

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  3. I am appreciated for being sensitive to others feelings…And I quality that I embrace about myself is that I constantly fly strive to be a better human

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    1. Oh thank you so much! I love appreciating the hearts and minds of my reader and fellow blogger friends. After all, we are a community….. a FAMILY. ❤️ Sending much LOVE! ❤️💛💜💜💚❤️💛💛💜💚💛💜❤️


    1. Wow Ash! Strength is such a gift …. it helps us weather life’s storms ….. and gives us the courage to be SUNSHINE even on a cloudy day! 💫⛅️ ❤️💛⛅️💫

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  4. My prayer has been God help me to see myself the way you see me. There was no end to the ways I believed I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t see myself as someone smart, capable and full of potential. I just didn’t believe it. I’ve been working on changing my thoughts because I can tend to go negative real quick.

    While I was filled with self-loating, my life was focused on keeping others from seeing who I really was. I didn’t like myself and I couldn’t see how anyone else could either. I hid while pretending to be someone I hoped was more loveable. But, it was never enough. I could never be the things expected of me. There was always something more to prove.

    For years I thought life would always be that way, but since I gave my life to Christ–I mean really give it to Him I don’t hate myself anymore. Of course, there are plenty of things about myself that I wish were different but I have learned and am learning that I can still walk in God’s purpose for my life despite my insecurities.


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