With less, there is more! ❤️

How do you stay light amidst the pressures in life?

When is enough truly enough?

14 thoughts on “LETTING GO ❤️”

    1. Oh yes I am totally with you on that! Abuse has NO place at all in any of our lives. We should establish our healthy boundaries as well. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕


      1. Well, as you know we see things a little differently. But atheism (whether we like it or not) seems to be the grandest example of letting go. It’s really a display of faith. Haha. Nobody likes to hear that.

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      2. Thanks for helping me appreciate your views. I value and respect you all the more. Your trust and respect are so valuable to me Jim. Thanks for sharing how you release things and live with levity! 💛☀️😊


      3. The only reason I can think of that makes life so serious is the fact we don’t know what happened before, nor do we know what happens later. It’s also what likely makes it the only interesting game available when you consider what boredom might lay in living forever. Thanks to you too. Love your blog.

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  1. When the pressure of life comes, we are forced to face situations and circumstances that are too big for us to resolve. In this way, God gets our attention. We have to stop and evaluate our situation and ask God for wisdom, obey His word and have faith that He will work everything out but according to His perfect will.


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