Hi friends! I’ve always loved doors! In my life, they represent fresh opportunities, adventures, pointers, lessons, revelations, celebrations, and more.

In our WP community, opening doors translates into a renewed appreciation for our beloved fellow bloggers and their deeply cherished blogs.

Through my Doors Series, I aim to give our fellow bloggers the gift of sharing a piece of their world. I invite them to guest post on my blog and share their message, their story, their heart. I also encourage them to show how our blogs and worlds link together in love.

After all, IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE. ❤️

Today, we happily knock on the door of a dear fellow blogger:

Robert of Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates ❤️

Dear Yeka, thanks for this opportunity, bless you 🙂


Love by definition is passionate. A half-hearted love isn’t much of a love at all!

I want to share a passion of mine, which is writing. That might seem a bit obvious — of course I like writing — I’m a blogger! But my passion isn’t just writing for writing’s sake, but to share the love of God in Jesus, the Savior of the world.
I wrote during my full time education. I had to! But I enjoyed it. After Uni, I got mentally ill. Most of the writing I would do would be to scribe Scripture, which was a comfort to me in my mental distress.

Then an old Uni friend, Eric Mwathi, himself an excellent poet, encouraged me to get into poetry. I’m not very good at it, but it’s a great way of expressing yourself, very therapeutic.

I’ve actually written and self-published a book of animal themed children’s poetry that you can check out on Amazon if you want- “Menagerical Animalariumisterious Ponderosaeticalioness”— something like that — I might have forgotten how to spell it properly!

Then a friend and mentor told me I should start writing in earnest. I don’t know why, because she’d never seen my writing. But I started writing daily devotionals based on a daily reading Bible a friend gave me. Initially I emailed them out to a few friends, but now I mostly just stick them on the blog and the YouVersion Bible app.

When studying Proverbs with an old pastor, we stumbled across a phrase: “Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates”. He joked that it would make a good name for my writing ministry, and the name’s stuck!

People tend to assume that the meaning of life is the pursuit of happiness. I think the Beatles were closer to the truth when they sang, “All you need is love”. But I would suggest that all we need is God’s love, not necessarily romantic love.

This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and gave His beloved Son for us, to cover our sins in His blood.

The meaning of life is to wholeheartedly love the God who passionately loves us, and to love one another as He has loved us.

If you know that love, tell it to the world! If you don’t, come and receive God’s love for you. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you’ve done- He doesn’t want you to perish but to have eternal life.

All you need to do is turn from selfish sin and enter into His boundless love.

God bless, and lots of love,


P.S. I’ve also written a book of devotionals available on Amazon called Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates.

Thanks so much for opening your door to us, dear Robert! ️❤️

You have a very powerful story to tell. And yet, you help us refocus on THE ULTIMATE POWER STORY.  GOD’S LOVE.

Through your journey, you give us a peek into renewed hope, comforting steadiness, and unshakable assurance.

But above all, you give us your gift of LOVE. Your precious gift of inviting us to receive GOD’S LOVE.

A love that know no bounds. A love that gives everything without a price tag. A love that says, “I love you exactly for who you are ….. just as you are right now.” After all, a half-hearted love isn’t much of a love at all!

May we all be warmed by the embrace of God and His whole-hearted, priceless, unconditional love for us all! ❤️

So friends, thanks for dropping by!

Do give Robert a special knock on Watching Daily At Wisdom’s Gates! ❤️

Till our next run of Doors, I wish everyone many happy, love-filled days ahead!

And here’s looking forward to opening more doors with you! ❤️



    1. Oh Robert! It’s been my sweet pleasure to have you on our Open Doors series! So blessed with your message of God’s Love! And so glad you get to enjoy even richer friendships here at WordPress! 🙂

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    1. Oh yes please feel to share or reblog! Whatever goes best for you! Would be so happy for even more of our WP family to share in your amazing message of God’s Love! 💚💜💛❤️💙

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