I am so honered and blessed, thank you Yeka, you filled my heart with so much love and joy.

This community is blessed to have you here, and I am so grateful to you️. You are a lovely soul with a heart of gold and I cheer on you️️.

Well, it is all about love and .. here I go…. my mind twisted and my heart was dancing to my soul thoughts….

Love is hard to describe, but easy to recognize.

In other words; When you first encounter love, maybe true love, you know with yourself that it is what you know.

And when you doubt your feelings, it’s because they’re not real. This is certainly true in many cases. But it is not always the case. For the nature of love is not at all equal for everyone. On the contrary, everyone experiences it in its unique way.

It is difficult to define love and describe how love feels. We must distinguish between love and falling in love. Love is a much stronger feeling than falling in love and needs some time to come forward.

Falling in love is something that you will experience several times in your life, but once many will experience a life-long love. Eventually, this love is transformed into something we call love.

But love is so much more. In every day life I always do small things with great love, because life is fragile. I always tell them I love that “I love you” because life is vulnerable and everybody is on this earth for borrowed time…

So, love more, spread the word and be love.

Love can be spoken in many languages and can be expressed in many ways. I have chosen to express love with this poem.

Coloring Your Day

Much we will meet

we must master many things

get up and listen to the day

the sun’s rays

that arouse your feelings in you

white butterflies wing strokes

what color do you choose today

the path is as new as yesterday

a new chapter in your life

must be written

listen to the depths of yourself

feel your heartbeat

feel your pulse

the fjord is as blue and shiny

as it flows like blood in your veins

your glance catches me

feel the darkness when the day is over

there is more we can still feel

what we can understand

the moon is just as new 

but is just as secret 

like the day tomorrow

the distant hills of nature remind us

about a bygone era

will never return

with the next morning break you can

make your best day

you can hear someone whispering 

you in the ear

that everything should be well done 

not be afraid 

as a white butterfly should be colored 

so can you choose your color of the day

make it your best with great love.


MIRRORS: A special series of Reflections on Life and Love ❤️

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  1. Once, forever  and for all ,

    We all have a call ,

    To play a role ,

    Whether big or small , short or tall ,

    Be and do  the best you can

    to just play that role ,

    To grow more and more ,

    In the path of love roll and roll ,

    Love is beyond control ,

    To ride the  waves of  sea hall,

    Do  rise up even after  you  fall ,

    reborn with the divine , you recall…

    Transcending your body  ,

    You have a spirit  and a soul,

    In dark  times,   all would  console …

    Tap into the  infinity of God to recall, 

    So that walls of prisons shall fall,

    Apart To bring liberation , 

    eternally  after all , …

    Decode and Reporgram the matrix  ,

    For justice and awareness to install ,

    Nourish  the forests  in one land and all ,

    For Becoming    better as a whole ,

    drops of rain would  gather and scroll  ,

    Blessings brought  to us as   a waterfall, …

    Be grateful for all that is all in all ,

    No matter how large or small ,

    Be it in the spring or the fall     ,

    All could shine brightly ,  completely  sacredly and  whole ,

    Once , forever and overall …

    ( console means help )

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