I appreciate the privilege to share a guest post with Yeka’s readers.  She is very generous with her blog, and I encourage everyone to check out her posts on a regular basis.

I have been writing and blogging since October, 2019, and my writing journey has taken me to places little imagined when it all began.  My posts are filled with an abundance of poetry and a collection of short stories. As time has moved along, God has encouraged me to write more and more Christian-based poems.  

Here is a special poem filled with Expressions of Hope.  

Expressions of Hope

background black branches clouds

Broken faith with God

Flicker of hope remains

Have hope, seek God

Hopeful in His deeds

Place our Living God

Above all other gods

Light turns into darkness

Hiding in the shadows

Yet, God remains close

Hope grows once again

Living tree of hope

Will live into eternity

New buds always sprout

Strength from the Father

There is always hope

Even in darkest times

Life’s trials uproot hope

Adversaries line up against

God hears our cries

Intervenes when hope’s weak

Ancestors of Jacob witness

Their hope in God

The God of Jacob

Always God of Hope

God keeps His decrees

Believe, look to God

God remains always faithful

Our Lord reigns forever

For God’s righteous believers

Hope ends in gladness

Way of the Lord

Offers refuge with wisdom

Follow God with hope

Always in our hearts

Tree of Life endures

Ready to sustain us

Hope shows the light

Steady on life’s course

When spirit is dried

Hope quenches our thirst

God opens hope’s door

Inviting us to enter

I appreciate the opportunity to share some of my writing.  In closing, the WordPress community is filled with so many wonderful places to explore, and they are hosted by special and loving people.  May your coffee cup always be at least half-full as you journey through life.  

Let’s end with a Word from Jesus Christ.  From Matthew 5:16: “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

MIRRORS: A special series of Reflections on Life and Love ❤️

Thanks for your wonderful visit, friends!

For even more amazing inspiration, do visit Richard on Big Sky Buckeye!

Till our next run, looking forward to gazing at more lovely Mirrors with you! ❤️



  1. Through both joy and pain,
    You evolve, spiritually grow and gain…
    Find the joy after the pain ,
    And the silver lining in the rain ,
    No matter where you are ,
    Whether New York, London or Spain ,
    May God bless all and miracles his plans contain ,
    Spirits forever and ever remain


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