September Take-Aways

Good-bye September! You’ve been a very good month – Messages each day.

My take-aways were Great daily inspirations – Always carry them!

When glancing to the right, You see numbers 1-15, Next page to 30.

Every day I write The take-away to carry In heart to guide me.

It provides a list That inspires me to live Thankful for blessings.

Lord, Please strip me of me Until nothing remains but YOU!

These are my daily prayers. It was an inspirational September.

Daily Guideposts take-aways for each day of September  – Carry these with you:

1. Thank God for my family and friends

2. God bless all our laborers

3. Thank God for our “hood”

4. God is Always with me

5. Stay Connected in Love

6. Rely on God’s Strength

7. Walk in Step with Jesus

8. Listen to God’s Wisdom

9. Lord, Increase my Insight

10. Trust God with my Dreams

11. Never Forget 9-11

12. He walks with Me

13. Trust Him

14. Give Love Unconditionally

15. Jesus Forgives “Missteaks”

16. Be Consistent; and Treasure People

17. Use Your Gifts to Praise God

18. Live in the Hope of the Lord

19. Focus on God’s Grace

20. A Hug Includes Letting Go

21. Bless my Former Students (Thank You, Lord, for giving me chances to positively influence others)

22. Lift my Hands, Heart & Voice to Praise God

23. I Am at Home in my Soul with God

24. Make Wise Choices

25. Lord, Hear my Prayers

26. Serve with Compassion

27. Pray for a Cancer Cure

28. Thank God for His Gift of Peace

29. Take Courage in All Circumstances

30. Lean on God Always

Many of these daily themes in Daily Guideposts were the inspirations for my daily blogs. The end of the “Daily Devotions for Living by Faith” called These Days features three coloring pages. I will write about them tomorrow …  telling about the way coloring can relieve stress.

As September ends and I send this book off to my grandson, I thank God for the people who write these daily messages – and for the way in which they inspire my life. I hope they inspire yours today, too. Thank you for sharing! God bless you!

See ya tomorrow

LAMPS: A special series of Top Life Lessons and Guideposts ❤️

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Till our next run, here’s embracing valuable life lessons with you! ❤️


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