The Mind of a Champion!

I’ve learned and am learning to live a purposeful life while dealing with challenges of my disability.

Today’s blog post on how to live beyond your limitations despite living with a disability is about the purpose of this website though I shared my bouts with fear, insecurities, low self-esteem, and depression. It all stemmed from how I saw myself. I am planning great things for my website. My goal is to talk about what it takes to live and cope with a disability and still have a purposeful life.

Whether you have a physical disability or not we all face our challenges every day.  Let’s tell our stories! And, I’m not talking about a “pity party” story. I don’t want people to feel sorry for us. I want them to see a champion!

Someone who gets up every day who gets up despite the pain, suffering and discomfort.

That’s a champion in my book!

A champion is not just about receiving recognition from others. Your courage to get back up every day and fight makes you a champion. The only one who needs to recognize that is you. You need to embrace that you are a champion. We are made in the image of God; He put within us the ability to be conquerors but whether you walk in who God has called you to be is up to you.

Even in the face of these challenges, keep moving forward…

GATES: A special series that focuses on healthy self-love, self-value, self-care, self-nurturing, and self-empowerment. ❤️

For even more powerful inspiration, do visit Kim of Beyond My Limitations! ❤️

Till our next run, may we live boldly and courageously knowing that we have the power to be the best version of ourselves! ❤️



  1. It is not only what happens to us that determines our lives but how we perceive and respond to life and the events as well…
        A hardship could be perceived as a dead end or a stepping stone or a bridge to grow and evolve spiritually and rationally…
         Aa Wayne Dyer said :” when you change the way you look at things , the things you look at change …
    Our energy recreates our world , so better choose love as much as we can …
        Madonna has chosen to view her obstacles as a bridge to success and development. 


  2. Great the change you would be ,
    Knowing the truth is to set you free,
    Move with the flow of life and see that  the ebb and flow of sea ,
    Was always there and will always be ,
    God give you strength being like a key ,
    Divine consciousness is in you and me ,
    Change is an eternal river of thee,
    To a new social contract we agree ,
    Always inspire us to find liberty , …
    My friend to remember eternally ,
    Each seed you plant becomes a tree ,
    As the French say mon ami ,
    Trinity is in all including you and me ,
    Evolution and revolution is there ,
    To continue and forever be ,


  3. I Love What You’ve Wrote. I’ve Been Through My Challenges. And Ive Made It Through. To Be Able To Look Back And Smile And To Have Found My Strength. It’s Not Over Unless I Give Up.


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