In your life, what’s your best story? ❤️

What chapters move your heart forever? ❤️


20 thoughts on “THE BEST STORY ❤️”

  1. The birth of my daughter. I can tell you the time they brought her out to me in the waiting area.
    I can tell you what I was watching on tv while waiting to be born.
    I can still see her not even cleaned up yet. She was exactly what I had been praying for.

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    1. You make me tear up ….. I can feel your pure love for your daughter! She is clearly a precious gift ….. truly Heaven-sent! 🌼😀☀️🌼😀☀️🌼😀☀️

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    1. Praise God!!!! He is unfathomably the most amazingly powerful Author of the Greatest Story ever! Thanks so much for your loving reminder! Your message of your best story resonates deeply with me! ❤️🙏🌼❤️🙏🌼❤️🙏🌼


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