Hi friends! I was sweetly nominated for the Future Goals Award by dear Vickie from Vickie’s Book Nook and Meditation Corner. Do visit her beautiful blog for lovely Christ-filled inspiration!❤️ I was likewise nominated for the award by dear Kevin of What Words May Come. Please visit his happy space too for even more wonderful inspiration!

Elisha from Africa Boy abundantly created this awesome award! ❤️

Guidelines 😀

Ping back to the creator, Elisha from Africa Boy.

Use the graphic pictured above.

Share five goals for your blog.

Share five goals for your life.

Nominate at least five people.

Goals are very important in life! Without goals, we become complacent and unproductive. And often that leads one to feel unaccomplished in life.

So set goals and strive to meet them with integrity!


1. Showcase the wonders of love

2. Spread sweet inspiration to all readers

3. Open doors for fun, creative collaborations among fellow bloggers

4. Provide a wonderful, happy space for fellow bloggers to visit as their second home

5. Celebrate our WP community and foster amazing friendships

Personal Goals 😀

1. Share my love for God and faith in Him all the days of my life

2. Live out LOVE in our WP community

3. Maximize my gifts and use them to bless the world

4. Inspire others to be the best versions of themselves

5. Make another soul smile and say “Life is beautiful. Love is real.”

My Nominees 😀

1. Fritzie: Life Travel Soul

2. Krisitan: Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table

3. Jessica: Jessica E. Larsen

4. Pooja: Lifesfinewhine

5. Orkidedatter: Orkidedatter

6. Sarika: Pure Reflections

7. Ami: Undercover Superhero

8. Mat: Blog of the Wolf Boy

9. Brad: Commonsensiblyspeaking

10. Kevin: What Words May Come

11. Mathew: Jesusluvsall

12. Ashok: Musings of a Wanderer

13. William: Stories of Ecstasy

14. Samyak: Enigmatical

15. Wael:  Economy Horizons

Cheers to all nominees and our fellow bloggers who’d love to join in the fun too!!! ❤️


9 thoughts on “THE FUTURE GOALS AWARD 1 & 2❤️”

  1. You have such a wonderful goals Yeka. It’s shows so much of your love and positivity. I love you for being you and I truly appreciate you nominating me. Unfortunately, not only it’s hard for me to think of goals at the moment, I’m also a bit exhausted with posting awards. But I’m keeping this link though. Who knows, I might change my mind in the future.

    Thanks again dear Yeka. Stay wonderful ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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