16 thoughts on “THIS IS AMAZING GRACE ❤️”

  1. I love this song… I have written a lot of songs (>250), and one that I shared on my blog last week caught the eye of a guy at church, and he is working to put music to it. I’m so excited. If it comes to fruition I will ensure there is a recording and share it here. Woohoo! God is good!

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    1. Oh wow!!!! Kev!!!! GOD IS SOOOOOO GOOD INDEED!!!!! Please share your lovely music here on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE! Will definitely reserve a special spot for YOU!!! ❤️💜🧡💙💚💛🧡💚💙💜❤️

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    1. Yes Craig this song is truly SUPERB!!!! We are beyond blessed with Our God and His amazingly unconditional LOVE!!!! Have a wonderfully blessing-packed day my friend!!!! 😀💚💛🌼

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