10 thoughts on “SHOUT TO THE LORD ❤️”

  1. What i Will DancE SinG For Sure With 100 Percent Hope of Faith
    That is Trust of LoVE NoW For ALL IS The ‘Jesus and God’ i Feel And
    Sense And ALL That Is DarK Thru LiGHT IS Love We Make Co-Create
    Give And Share For Free For ALL And Whatever Religion, Temple, Church,
    City, State, Nation, Country or World of Politics i land
    Yes with SMiLeS even A Place With No Sun or
    Moon for all Practical Intents With Meanings
    And Purposes Holy And Sacred Even Divine
    too ‘This Place’ We Call
    Online with no Time, Distance
    Space, or Matter as ALL CoMes
    Through Lights of Fiber Optic Cable too..
    As We Surpass ALL Distant Common Illusions
    Now of Time, Distance, Space, and Matter what
    May be Left Always NoW IS A Right to Give and
    Share Love Always More Freely WHere Yes ALL that Is Left
    to Do is Love Even More Gaining Greater Human Potentials
    And Avenues to Do Just That For When We Do Surely We ARE Champions of LOVE!
    i Just Noticed in Your About Section Your Name is Yeka.. Smiles.. Beautiful Name and
    Fairly Rare too as i haven’t encountered It in Heaven online until Now my Nice New
    FRiEnD With SMiLes..:)

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