Ahhh my kind of day! ❤️

So how do you chill? ❤️

45 thoughts on “JUST CHILL ❤️”

    1. Awesome! I am such a movie fan too! Oh and yes, let’s bring in the coffee, donuts, and chips hahahaha! Oh popcorn too!!! 🍿 🍩 ☕️ 🍟 ….. THE WORKS for the entire happy chill time! 😜💕💕💕


    1. Comedy always finds its way to my heart too! I love love love to just have a good time! Happy thoughts and laughter are always good for one’s health! May you have even more reasons to smile….. oh and enjoy happy laughter too! 😜💕😛💕😂💕🤣

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  1. Nothing is wrong with having some fun and entertainment every now and then but the best thing to do while having fun is having a life-work balance to give your life a purpose, a meaning and a good taste .
    Having fun could give your life or at least add some joy to your life -work balance . It is like the spices , salt or the flavours added to the food…
    As a proverb says , Variety is the spice of life …
    I have read in a book called the Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robbin Sharma that he encourages us to do things not because we have to do it but because we choose something wholeheartedly, gladly and joyfully. One thing he adds do everything in moderation and nothing in extremes… Personally , I would give just an example , if you like to drinking beer from time to time , it is okay as long as you stay within certain limits to remain healthy and conscious. If you like playing videogames or watching films on Netflix , limit these activities to no more than a few hours a week to keep some time for working and improving …
    Best wishes from Lebanon…

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    1. Beautiful words of wisdom dear Wael! Thanks for your powerful reminder….. yes Balance is very important! It makes life even more beautiful! ❤️💜🧡💚💙💛❤️

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  2. Yes! Just Be Snoopy!
    Generate Happiness
    Now Heaven Within Moving Connecting Co-Creating All iN Flow
    With And As Nature
    All that’s Left to Do
    Is Seed And Spread
    Joy And Puppy
    Wolf Wisdom
    In Courage of
    All that Makes
    Beauty of
    Life And
    LoVE iN
    DarK Thru LiGHT
    Yes Do A Snoopy
    Victory Dance
    Each Day
    For The
    Gift of LiFE Best!

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      1. HeHe
        Is my Joy Mentor
        And Bugs Bunny
        Too as His Wit is much
        More Powerful than
        Kingdoms of
        Swords as
        Free Lance
        Court Jester ‘KNoWS’
        As i pop out of Rabbit
        Holes all Around a
        Globe as any
        And Mad
        Hatter Time
        Out of Time
        Will LooKinG Glass Do
        🐇❤️🐇 🐶 🕺😁🌟Breathe

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      2. SMiLes my FRiEnD HeaR is a Song With
        Snoopy In it.. It’s true He’s a Woman in this
        Song too but She Expresses the Joy of Love for
        Life As ‘Jesus’ Will Literally and Figuratively do
        too if He Will come back at this very moment
        According to A Story @Least…
        Said thing is He Will
        Have Love For
        All Beings
        no Different
        than Snoopy
        And Like Snoopy
        He Will be Small
        Yet Brown and Very
        ‘Syrian’ Looking still as
        People will Still Forget
        that Love has nothing to do
        With Size, Power, Status, or Material
        Goods Yes Jesus Will come back now
        as Least is Most and Last is First And
        A Fact is Human Nature is Not Changing Enough
        as People Still Have not learned to Break Free Into Love
        as ‘they’ Say then and A Truth still is now those who are fortunate and choose too will..
        Not Unlike the ‘Matrix’ Series of Movies as ‘Neo’ Said to those Who Unplug as well and
        Snoopy Joy
        Dance of Free Love
        As LonG as This Peace Will Last under Love..
        Yet Technically it is An Oracle who Says this to ‘An Architect’
        According to that Movie at Least With SMiLes Stories Still Reign King my FRiEnD..
        Dances NoW
        And Songs
        Tend to
        Touch Me More
        For they are ReaL and Now..:)


    1. Aww that is way beyond SWEET!!! And wow how healthy too for the entire family! Here’s to even more happy loving walks for you and your Beloveds! ❤️💛💙💚💚🧡💜💚💙💛❤️

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  3. A chill day is my ideal type of day as well.
    For me, chilling involves lying back on a sofa or my bed and just binge watching my favorite YouTube channels.
    If I want to make it even better, I’d throw in some snacks.
    I could chill this way for hours.

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    1. Wow awesome!!!! That appeals to me too! The exact way you described chilling …. plus the yummy snacks haha! And I could also chill for hours! I am a YouTube lover too! What do you love watching? 👩‍💻❤️👍 😀

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