Hi I’m Yeka and I’m a Candy Crushaholic. Sigh. Or at least, I used to be. 😱😰😭

Phew! What a relief to admit it. Not like it’s a crime or anything, but some people may see it as an utter waste of time.

Okay let’s face it. I’m nearly half a century old and yet, I’m still a child at heart. 🥰

I confess. I play Candy Crush. Everyday. But in a “regulated manner” now – – – a huge improvement compared to years back when I would feel hopeless or irritable when I couldn’t advance to the next level. Ugh! Talk about the game getting the better of me! It made me feel sad and so I deleted the application from my iPhone haha!

Just recently, though, I re-uploaded the application into my iPhone out of sheer curiosity. They say that curiosity kills the cat. Well, I’m not a cat anyway! Purrrr!!! 🐱😜

So as I was saying, I was quite curious! I wanted to check if I could actually enjoy the game this time around with my Zen-inspired, cool-headed maturity. Hmm…… And boy, was I in for a treat. A truckload of treats in fact ….. Candy Galore!!!!! 🍭 💕 🍬💕🍬💕🍭 OMG!!! Woooow my eyes popped when I saw the menu offered: Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Friends Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga ….. 😳💛🙌

“Eew really?1?!” I can hear others say. “Isn’t that so yesterday as in ages ago? I mean, aren’t there cooler updated apps for brain massaging and relaxation?!?!”

Well, my message to them? “Just mind your your own business and eat your hearts out!” Or should I say, “Eat your CANDIES out?!?! Haha!”

Gosh, with the updated Candy Crush (and other related apps) landscape, my happiness bounced beyond the scale!

News Flash!!! I seem to have cracked the code because I can complete each level in nearly one try at the average of 5 minutes tops …. as if it were effortless to me this time around. Okay, that may be no mean feat for the Candy Crush Champions out there, but to me, that sure breaks my personal records. Aargh I used to exert so much effort in the game years back and mind you, with embarrassingly terrible results at that! This time around, though, I’ve learned to see the patterns and spot the optimal moves to make. I’ve become more strategic in approach. I’ve become more adept at focusing on the objective per round rather than being drawn to “fancy moves” just to have all the amazing colors splashing around. (And candidly, that’s always been a huge plus in terms of attraction for me: Colors, colors, and yes, even more happy colors!!!) ❤️💙💚💜🧡💛❤️

Ooohlala!! I get kick out of all the happy sounds and colors whenever I pass the level and I totally take in the whole happy “show” like a little child in her fantasy candy shop!

So what do I get out of the game? That is, aside from a good brain massage, a happy entertaining vibe with the coolest colors cum celebratory sounds, and the sensation that I’m a happy kid all over again?

I get tons of Life Lessons! 🥰❤️😘

  1. Don’t take life too seriously. Take a breather. Relax. A relaxed mind smiles and functions optimally.
  2. Laugh out loud. Yup, there’s a time and place for everything. So when you’re on play mode, have outrageous fun! Alright, let’s stick to clean outrageous fun. No need to go overboard and do a Joker laughter of some sort haha!
  3. Stop and smell the roses. Stop and listen to the birds chirping. Stop and enjoy a stroll through nature. STOP. LOOK. LOVE.
  4. Keep life simple. In simplicity is true beauty. With less, there is more.
  5. Focus on the objective at hand. Stay true to your purpose. Be intentional with your day and how you live it.
  6. Be in the moment. Be mindful. Be present. Maximize your relationshihps ….. both with yourself and others.
  7. Be grateful for your present. You may not yet be in your aspired future, but you’re no longer in your past.
  8. Stay true to your colors. Live in authenticity. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not for you rob the world of your wonderful person that you are. Just be your awesome self.
  9. Use positive affirmations: Divine! Awesome! Amazing! Champion! Winner! Kick-Ass! Superlative!
  10. Never say never. Avoid limiting beliefs. Don’t bury yourself in negativity. Keep going. Keep fighting. Keep living. Keep loving.
  11. Be situationally aware. Know where you are in life. Know your strengths and enrichment areas. Know the good and the bad influences that surround you too.
  12. Recognize patterns. Observe patterns in your behavior (both positive and negative). Adjust accordingly. Observe patterns in the behavior of others too. Strengthen constructive patterns and avoid the destructive ones. Be alert to set boundaries when necessary.
  13. Go with like-minded people. Nurture friendships with people who share your values, yet stay open to people who are different from you. You may gain fresh insights and learn valuable lessons. After all, no one has a monopoly over learning.
  14. Develop team spirit. Learn to collaborate. Acknowledge and celebrate the strengths and passions of others and work well with them. Share your talents and forte. Bring a whole lot of excellence to the table!
  15. Choose your path. To goodness. To health. To wealth. To wisdom. To caring. To sharing. To love.
  16. Take ownership. This is your life. This is your journey. This is your story.
  17. Be responsible for your moves. You always have a choice. You have response-ability. Thus, you have responsibility.
  18. Trust the process. Don’t go against the tide of life. Learn to go with the flow. Life has its way of handing out lessons to us. It’s our choice and honor to get the most out of life and its valuable lessons.
  19. Wear the Victor’s Hat. Avoid the victim mentality. Know your value. Acknowledge your successes. Meet your challenges head on and work towards achieving your goals.
  20. Celebrate wins, both big and small. That keeps you Victory-oriented. And share your victory with others. For victory expanded is joy expanded.

Well, I know that I could go on and on …. but I’m putting a “limit” to this post. Why??? Hey, I’m one busy lady!!! In fact, I still have a pressing matter to attend to on today’s agenda!

Candy Crush Time hahaha!!!

Hmm so am I giving up this game anytime soon???  A big NOOOOO WAY!!!

And for the record, News Flash as of this second: It’s no longer just Candy CRUSH to me. It’s Candy LOVE. ❤️ *wink wink*


31 thoughts on “CANDY CRUSH ONCE MORE ❤️”

  1. I never fell into Candy Crush, but I’ve been a member of Pogo for a lot of years and play up to 3 hours daily! I tell myself that, at my age, it’s a good way to exercise my mind and keep it sharp, but the truth is, I’ve always enjoyed games, especially card games! So keep doing what makes you happy, for your happiness radiates from you and into your blog!

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    1. Oh that is so sweet of you dearest Jody!!! 🥰As always! You are like a sprinkle of happy rainbows 🌈 🌈🌈🌈🌈 in my day! And wow you made me so happy with your kindred playful, youthful spirit! SO MUCH LOVE!!! ❤️💜💛🧡💙💚💙🧡💛💜💚❤️


  2. Yeka, I’m so glad your happy bounced beyond the scale!!! We all need some kind of outlet to ease the stress of life and make us smile and just be happy! This post had lots of good sound advice! Thanks my friend! ❤️😁🤗

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    1. My precious Renee!!! 💕💕💕💕💕 Yup, we all can benefit from special time to relax and decompress too …. especially as adults since we’re wired to be productive and results-oriented with varying roles and responsibilities. Thanks for sharing my happy moment and appreciating the exuberance and joy that came with it! Hoping all is great in your corner. Sending you happy hugs my friend! ❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️😘😘😘😘😘❤️

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    1. LOL!!! A peek into my “young” fun-loving mind Kev! 😜😝🤪 Have a happy cool day my friend! 😎😎😎 BEST to you and your Beloved! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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  3. SMiLes i used to Play Visually Stimulating Video Games
    too until i Learned.. actually Felt and Sensed something
    Missing the Big “O” yes like Gambling and Other Highly
    Behavioral Dopamine Producing Activities “Oxytocin” the
    Natural Love Drug that gives us a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling
    of Social Bonding
    is little to no part
    of that Video Game
    Play and on top of that
    true it is mindless as it will
    Take away an incentive to
    Actually Create sort of like
    what Marijuana does for
    Folks and Like any
    Escape that is
    a Short
    From Generating
    All the Feel Good Neurochemicals
    yes Both Dopamine And Serotonin
    As too much Adrenaline associated with
    Dopamine Producing ‘Violent’ and or even
    Intense ‘Benign’ Video Games Will Produce
    Stress Hormones Sitting Still that are not burned
    off through Activity and next thing you know one
    may get a Panic Attack not realizing that it is just
    the Natural Way the Body Burns off the Adrenaline
    Associated Stress Neurohormones in the Blood Stream
    But again the Love Neurohormone of Cat Purrs and Rubs
    Puppy Dog Wagging Tales and of course the Cuddle one gets
    with a Human Baby Feeding that Baby too is surely more than
    the Cat’s Meow As Making Biscuits and Purrs do come to Life of Love too..
    In General too much Stress from wherever it comes will burn away Serotonin
    Too and make
    us Anxious
    And More
    Likely to Become
    Depressed too.. Art in
    All its Forms that We Create
    Stirs the Pot of Most all Our Emotions
    Associated with Generating Neurochemicals
    And Neurohormones at Best the Beneficial ones
    within truly Creating Art Will Be Tao Zen Flow yes too
    but at Best Experiencing all the Colors of Human Emotion
    Where Our Soul is what We Color Most all the way Fully to Give and Share Free more..
    With All that Said Dopamine is pleasurable and Like Any way whatever the Source that makes
    it happen in Balance of Intermittent Gratification is How We Are Evolved to Live as Humans
    In Balance
    of Intermittent
    Gratification truly
    When we make whatever
    we do into Long Term Instant
    Gratification.. particularly if we are
    not Weathered Human Beings as i
    am approaching 60 years old this June
    What Otherwise might have have produced
    A Michelangelo or New Mozart Now may get
    Stuck in the Subway Playing the ‘Metaphor’ of Candy crush just
    too much or on the Other Hand Human Crushes that surely will
    Deplete Serotonin too as we naturally put ourselves into High Alert for that too…
    Nice to be married and never have to Deal with that Stress Again with smiles too..:)

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    1. Wow Fred!!!! Such awesome advice! We continue to live life to the fullest in the broadest spectrum of colors ….. LOVE!!!!! ❤️💛💜🧡💚💙💚🧡🧡💛❤️💙💚🧡💜💛❤️

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  4. we can usually learn something from every experience we have. nice job mapping out everything you’ve gained from playing Candy Crush. I’ve only played it a couple of times, but there certainly have been other games I’ve been addicted to!

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    1. Thanks so much Jim! Yup I love, love, love lessons culled from actual life experiences….. it’s really an amazing mindset that helps us see the great opportunities that abound everywhere….. yup even in games to relax our brains haha! After all, the world stresses out and overthinks …. and takes life too seriously at times …. indeed there’s wisdom in maintaining that awesome curious wide-eyed inner child in us to match our awesome mature selves …. it’s all about BEAUTIFUL BALANCE!!! Have a great day ahead!!! ❤️💚💛🧡💜💙💜🧡💛💚❤️ Oh by the way, what games do you love? 😜

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      1. I agree, we can all use a break from our work and routine. It’s been a while since I played games on my phone or computer, but I certainly liked Solitaire and Words with Friends!

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