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7 thoughts on “WE REAP WHAT WE SOW ❤️”

  1. We Reap What We Sow and in Doing So
    in Effect We are Living Christmas Trees Ranging
    From Living Less Green to More Green to Multi-Colored
    Lights of Thoughts Associated With Emotions and Moves
    That Become Steps of Dance Coloring Us Anew Even more
    As Every Word May Come to Be A Song With A Dance of Steps
    Coloring Every Light Anew.. Yes.. Coloring More From Head to Toe
    As Star of Tree
    Becomes Feet
    or Roots We Spread
    As Colored Light of Our
    Christmas Tree to Give and
    Share to All Others Freely in
    Branching Out in Peace and
    Harmony As this Holiday
    Spirit For Giving Thanks
    Giving For Love may
    be one of Eternal
    Now Living Coloring
    Our Christmas Tree Lights
    to Give and Share More as We
    Become an Eternal Light House
    Lamp Now to Light those around
    Us with Ever Coloring New
    Christmas Lights for THeir
    Trees SparKinG them
    into New Light Now
    A River the
    Become as Ocean
    Whole Christmas Tree
    Lights Shining EternAlly Now
    Coloring Seas of Nirvana and Bliss

    SMiLes Yeka.. i’ll leave that Lamp Up THere
    as Leaves From New Colored Christmas Trees
    Naturally Shed Hope and Love Wherever they go…
    Smiles this is what i like About the Character ‘Snoopy’
    He is WHoly Self Authenticating Generating His Own
    Joy of Rewards Autotelic in Flow through Coloring
    Lights of Imagination Even more Within to Give
    And Share Freely With Others too for
    A Snoopy Dance that Lives
    Eternally Now
    in the
    of A SMiLe
    to Give others so
    Free as Love Sings
    And Yes Dances Wings
    Smiles i Believe he is an
    Author too but he wasn’t/isn’t worried
    About Selling Books What Dog With
    a Smile Will my FRiEnD What Dog
    With a Wagging Tale and Eyes
    of Love Will Do any Greater
    Light than Love….
    No Dog
    than Love….
    Anyway my Wife Katrina
    the Katie Mia Part of Katie Mia
    Frederick Bought me a Dance Shirt
    That Has a Christmas Wreath Hanging
    on Snoopy’s Nose the Shirt is Green and Fits Well…:)

    And At the Bottom HeaR the Most important Light Now that
    So Many People Fear that eventually Will Bring Cynicism
    of Light too and that is DarK mY FRiEnD Note the Upper
    Case Letter Play Where DarK Becomes Ark too for a
    Greater Way of Living.. Yes.. Light of Loving to come
    Out of DarK as THere is no Fully escaping DarK
    only less than 5 Percent of Reality will
    Science Now Even Measure
    Beyond Dark Energy
    And Dark Matter
    What is Left
    the Faith oF LiGHT
    That Naturally comes From
    DarK What We Touch and Sense And
    Feel is Real as Both DarK and LiGHT that
    Comes From DarK too.. And True Some Science
    Studies Show on Average 80 Percent of Human Thoughts
    Are associated with Negative Emotions as All Mammals Remember
    Fear the Most for Simple Survival on this Earth.. to Escape DarK This
    Way when it comes again.. But Humans Are Different We Have the Ability
    to iMaGiNE And Co-create DarK NiGHTMares or Beautiful Dreams of
    Beyond Rainbow Colors more.. Yes like the Beautiful Meme/Egregore
    MaGiC True Magic of Snoopy Who Lives Still in the SPiRiT HeaRT
    Yes SoULof Humans Exposed to this Story not unlike the
    ‘Good Cop Version of Jesus’ who is All Loving For Giving
    All Thanks Giving For Love Now.. Smiles ‘Snoopy’
    is a Bit More Mischievous Or Not that much
    is Left up to Each Set of Human
    Eyes in How they Perceive
    DarK Through LiGHT
    but Never the less as
    Human Beings We have the
    Potential the GreaTesT Potential
    To Change the Lighting of Our Own
    Christmas Trees in Autotelic Flow from
    Head to Toe.. yes to practice a Song of Positive
    Thoughts associated with Positive Emotions as Words
    Indeed all Words May Become a World Of LiGHT Mostly
    instead of the Other Way Around.. the Average of DarKeR
    Human Christmas Trees ‘These Days’ so impoverished
    in Worlds of Newer Colored Christmas Lights of Joy..
    Anyway Tears in DarKNeSS BRing Comfort the
    Love of Loved ones Passing away Will LiVE
    oN in the Eyes of Children/Friends of LiGHT
    Now to Carry on This Love Eternally… Yes
    Now The Gift of this LiGHT
    is Equally Present
    Gift NoW
    DarK Through
    Light to Accept the
    DarK With LiGHT to Color
    Our Christmas Trees with Light
    More and to Spread the Roots of these
    Colors More to Everyone Else and the Rest
    of Nature Giving More than Taking Sharing more
    Than Hoarding ends and Begins These 3 Lamps Now
    But It’s True all This Third Wave is.. Is Waves of Seashores Never ending Light..:)


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