No matter how dark it gets, light will always prevail.

Keep the faith! ❤️

16 thoughts on “FOCUS ON THE LIGHT ❤️”

  1. Smiles Love Coming By “Passcodelove”
    As Predictably There is always A Tree
    of Love Bringing Shade Cover
    of Love to All Who
    Enter under
    Your Tree
    Friend Yeka
    for some folks
    are Just Naturally
    Friends to all of who they
    Meet as they’ve come to Trust
    The Natural Love of Human to
    Be Gardened more to come out
    to Show All of Our Light.. How
    Blessed are You to Bring
    This Shade Cover
    of LiGht
    my Friend
    For Even Trees
    Still require Feeding
    No Matter How Deep
    Their Roots Bring Love..:)

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      1. SMiLes Yeka From ‘Passcode Love’ Love that
        Blog Title By the Way have Used the Phrase
        in Other Contexts of Poetry that Remain Universal
        With the Phrase of Course as inherently so simple and True…
        So Kind of You to Remember me and Katrina for a Happy Happy
        2020 New Year’s True.. my Resolution is “Color World Love 2020”
        Trying to keep it succinct and to the point odd for me but i Can and
        Will Go both
        True Simple
        Complex Coded too
        mostly long too.. hehe…
        i see that you have a New Blog
        Post to visit in a Minute too.. Your
        Home is Still a Place oF Light always
        So Pleasant to Visit A Sparkle of the World You are
        From Your Island of the Philippines where i have found
        So Many Kind People in my Life Here too.. particularly
        My Wife too.. So Glad Her Mother Went ‘to the ‘Islands’ too..
        Anyway.. Happy New Year’s Stars of Love to You.. Your Family..
        And Friends Plentiful 2020 in Deed ALWaYS ReMeMBeRinG Pass Code LoVE..:)


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