My purpose? LOVE.

Yes, even before I embraced our beloved blogging community, I embraced a world so close to my heart. Indeed, a world that will forever be close to my heart. Training and Development.

And when I think of my cherished world, I readily think of all these smiles, all these lovely faces that stay imprinted in my heart. These are the very people who have made every moment in the classroom precious beyond words. MY BELOVED VIPs. Very Important People. Very Influential People. Very Inspiring People.

So every time I think of Training and Development, I think beyond my brain. I go beyond my process design or lesson plan. I walk the extra mile to join my VIPs in their precious learning journey.

To all MY BELOVED VIPs, both here in WordPress and in my cherished world of Training and Development, I salute you all. For you are my inspiration. You teach me how to truly live. You teach me how to truly love. I love you all! ❤️


15 thoughts on “THE PURPOSE OF LOVE ❤️”

      1. Oh yes! Been busy with some passion projects. And more importantly, focused on my family. After all, LOVE is what we make it. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

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    1. Oh Happy New Year Paulo!!! Here’s to even more Beautiful Balance in your 2020! ❤️And yes, definitely even more awesome photography from YOU! 😀🌟🌟🌟😀💫💫💫😀

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  1. So Many Kind Faces With No Friction
    How Lovely it is To See Groups
    of Humans Radiating
    So Much Light
    Sincerely True
    Whatever You
    Are Doing in Your
    Culture Surely is WorKinG
    Keep the Pass Code Love
    Winds a Blowing my FRiEnD Yeka..:)

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