Yes, you hold the key. The power to open and close doors lies in your hand. ❤️


9 thoughts on “YOUR KEY. YOUR LIFE. ❤️”

  1. Smiles i Believe in “Autotelic Flow” Where We become totally engaged in
    what We Do and Generate our Own Happiness within in increasing complexity
    of what we ‘souly’ Focus on Now in the Present Gift of the Moment where we stay
    in a sweet spot ‘tween Boredom and Anxiety; and continue to fulfill our Human Potential
    More; smiles best done
    Financially Independent
    but if one is still aiming
    Toward that Freedom
    Best done for Money
    too.. where we Love
    What We are doing
    totally Engaged
    where the
    is always
    worth more than the Pay..
    It’s like the Man who Went to
    Work for a Corporation as a Janitor
    and Became the CEO he was only
    interested in Making the Cleanest
    Toilet of All; true an Honest CEO
    Will go so far to achieve His
    Employers Loyalty
    and Trust too;
    the Truth
    It is really a clogged
    Septic Tank of Life overall…
    Smiles there is nothing to hide
    With Truly Clean Toilets no different than Soul…
    perhaps a Crude analogy but it is still true that Sanitation
    has saved far more Human Lives than Modern Medicine ever will…
    Smiles i worked as a Janitor 6 Years thru 3 College degrees starting out at the
    Bottom and working to do the best job is truly transferrable to any other
    Next Honor
    Integrity and
    Loyalty Truth Spells Love…
    And as far as Human Love goes
    Without Honesty of Sharing True Feelings
    there will never be True Human Love..
    if my Wife is ever mad at me
    i accept her feedback
    best i will with a smile
    and never
    fail to
    Hug her
    Before Sleep…
    Both Happens Love still Breathes..:)


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