Father God, when I surrender all to You, I have such peace. When I have peace, I stand in a place of power. Oh how I love You with all of me! ❤️


10 thoughts on “PEACE IS POWER ❤️”

  1. Smiles Yeka from Pass Code Love i am so Happy
    to come here today and find 3 Posts to be inspired
    by as that associates with “Peace is Power”
    “Your Key. Your Life” and “Choose Joy! With
    HeART” that is Practically the Trifecta Aim
    to Happiness my Friend.. True Peace is
    Most Definitely Power as Peace is the quiet
    Garden Where Love Sprouts Highest Now
    And True i will only Add Truth as without Truth
    Love Will Not Be Truly Satisfying in Trust and
    continuing Faith in all that is Life and God so inspiring
    Dear Friend now off to Check on “Your Key. Your Life”!


  2. It truly is, when we have learnt to surrender all that ALL peace becomes ours. Likewise, through that peace we find ourselves in a place of divine empowerment that takes us beyond our human abilities. To truly love God and others with all our being puts us in Heaven while on Earth. Thank You God/Love/ Life Itself for everything that comes our way. May we grow evermore stronger in You, now and always. Amen


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