Hi friends! As you’d know by now, I’m all about LOVE! And I believe in spreading love with the highest levels of passion!

In gratitude for your gracious outpouring of love, I’d love to give back love a billionfold. This is my happy way of saying THANK YOU!!!

What better way to do that than to SHARE THE LOVE! I’ve come up with a special award that I believe we should all receive and generously pass on.

I’d like to start off our happy LOVE FLOW by nominating  fellow bloggers who live out love and inspiration here on our WP community.

My intention is to spread our LOVE community-wide and so I’d appreciate your happy participation. And if you choose not to participate, I hope your nomination puts a smile in your heart knowing that you are loved and appreciated. 🙂


  1.    Attach the BEE LOVE AWARD LOGO on top of your post.
  2.    Ping back to YBP, IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE.
  3.    Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you.
  4.    Share your Definition of LOVE and How You Live Out LOVE.
  5.    Nominate your  fellow bloggers who live out love and inspiration on WP.  (Love knows no limits, so nominate as many fellow bloggers you’d like to shine your light on!)

My Definition of LOVE:

Love is the ultimate reason we were born. We live for love. We live through love. We live to love.

Living Out LOVE:

LOVE is action to me. So, in my own simple way, I love by helping others become the best versions of themselves. I help them realize how sweetly blessed and richly loved they truly are. I celebrate them!

My BEE LOVE AWARD Nominees: 2nd Batch ….. More Happy Batches to come!!! 🙂

View from the Back

Inspiration and Motivation is the Key to Success

Fun with Philosophy

Supper Plate

London Life with Liz

Katie Kay

Katie Mia Frederick


In His Service and Loving It

The Newbury Girl

Andrada’s World

Didis Art Design

Mental Health from the Other Side

Jesus is the Son of God


Beetley Pete

Rethinking Scripture

D Vyang Talks

Heart Tokens


House of Heart


Steve Knife

The Gen-X Travels

Paul Militaru     

Freddie Mercury Online


Dracul Van Helsing

Teacher as Transformer

Indian First

Wandering Together

My Martial Path


27 thoughts on “BEE LOVE AWARD 🐝❤️”

  1. Hi Dear Yeka FRiEnD All
    the Way From the Beautiful Philippines
    How Original And Creative To Come Up with
    Your Own WordPress Award Here the “Bee Love
    Award” i will Surely Link Back at My Blog And Social Media With this
    Comment as Part of my Blog i am Writing Now to Honor Your Award
    And of course i am very Honored to be
    Nominated by You
    Dear FRiEnD Yeka…
    Oh My Gosh a Definition
    of LoVE iN Deed For me at
    Least THaT will literally take a
    7.7 MiLLioN Word Epic Long Form
    Poem and 12,609 Public Dance Miles
    in 77 Months too to Fully Define And Illustrate
    too.. hehe.. considering that i don’t want to Drown
    Your Blog in that many Words and Really that Many
    Foot Prints Might be Hard to fit in too.. i will Share
    A Brief Poem About Love And What I Do to
    Give and Share it Free as Yes to express
    That First Every Word Becomes a Poem
    A Song to Give and Share Free Holy and
    Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose
    in Original Creativity to me.. Every
    Move a Dance Original And True…
    Only Reward is the Smiles
    i Bring to the Faces of
    Others as i Dance
    And Sing..
    but true
    i do like to present
    All Sides DarK Thru Light
    i See of the Love Coin to Perhaps
    Broaden Horizons of More Colors of
    Love For People to ‘See’ if they Like to too..
    True.. the Free Dance Seems Much Easier to understand
    The Smiles the Greatest Reward Viewed on another Face…
    That is surely
    Enough Reward
    Intrinsic in this Life of Love…
    When Love Becomes Art and
    Original Life Breathes so Free
    in deed of Give and Share Hmm..
    Yes all of Life Feels Like a Free Verse
    Poem Dance And Song to me and here
    is a Shorter one about Love As Poems Love Short and Long..:)

    IS A Poem
    A Tree With Roots
    Still Dancing
    to All (God) SMiLes..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am not sure if my previous comment was sent , but I want to thank you so much for including me ❤️
    Spreading love and good vibes should be one of the main focuses of our world. Thank you for what you are doing 🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOW SUPER WOW!!!! Thanks for BEE-ing LOVE!!! 🐝❤️🐝❤️

      You made my heart smile my dear friend!!!!🎶
      Thanks with all my LOVE!!!! I love you! 🥰🌼🥰🌼


    1. Oh Gail!!!! 🥰❤️😘You are such a beautiful breath of fresh air! Truly YOU LIVE OUT LOVE! I praise Our God Who is LOVE with you and for the gift of you!!!! ❤️💙🧡❤️💛🧡💙❤️


      1. PTL! Thank you, Bee Love! My cup runneth over! ❤
        Thank you for creating the award! A wonderful way to share God's love!
        I enjoyed reading your blog as well. Love the pics! 🙂
        God loves you! ❤ ❤


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