Artistic Director of Repertory Philippines

REP’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s CAROUSEL was set to have opened last May and was to be the crown jewel musical of our 83rd Season. Then the global pandemic struck. And struck hard. And dealt a blow not just to the global theater industry but to the entire world. And now we face a storm unlike any we have ever encountered in our lifetime.

Here is our prayer, our anthem, our message, our battlecry–reminding the deepest parts of ourselves of the unstoppable strength of faith, hope, and ultimately, love.
Overflowing Incredible Gratitude to the 22 who generously gave their time as a gift to create this video for charity. Your genuine hearts, your impeccable artistry, your pure light shines ever so true piercing through the storm. Nikki Gil Albert, Giancarlo Magdangal, Sheila P. Francisco, Mikkie Bradshaw-Volante, George Schulze, Edna Vida Froilan, Kare Adea, Ejay Yatco, Rachel Del Mar, Paula Andrea Paguio, Cara Barredo, Steven Hotchkiss, Aixia Mallary, Arion Sanchez, Luis Marcelo, Mikee Baskiñas, Roxy Aldiosa, Chesko Rodriguez, Jonel Mojica, Eunice De Castro, John Paul Ortenero, Mika Fabella.

Immense Grateful Thanks to Ejay Yatco for being our Musical Director and Arranger; to Paula Paguio for being our Sound Engineer; and to Glen Charles Lopez for being our Video Editor. No words. Just deepest most heartfelt gratitude for your spirit of excellence. Could not have done this without you.

Deepest Thanks to beloved Toff de Venecia whose brilliant vision for CAROUSEL I drew so much love and inspiration from in putting this video together. Can’t wait to open our theater doors with CAROUSEL in February 2021 with you at the directorial helm.And sweetest thanks to Kyla Rivera-Soong who was my angel throughout this project.

This video is in support of the OPEN HOUSE FUNDRAISER.And is produced by Repertory Philippines Foundation, Inc.With special permission from Rodgers & Hammerstein and Broadway Asia.


12 thoughts on “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE ❤️”

    1. Loved it too!! Such precious hearts and beautiful voices! ❤️❤️❤️ Sending you MUCH LOVE my dearest Ally! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. And such a powerful message for all of us now. Truly, LOVE PREVAILS! Thanks for your absolutely lovely inspiration too dear Kim!!! 🌷💕🌷💕🌷💕🌷💕🌷💕

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