Meet Mr. Sales. A young dashing debonair. The ultimate heartthrob and star dancer in school. A celebrity drummer, singer and guitarist of his band called “Starfires”. An ace student. Every teacher’s pet. A favorite class president year in and year out. Every teenage girl’s dreamboat. He drove his Ford Fairlane and drove every girl crazy swooning over him. The Danny Zuko of Greased Lightnin’ fame. Only the perfect version.

Meet Ms. Service. A young, sweet, captivating beauty. So tender, so graceful, so radiant, so fair. She put the gentlest rosebud to shame. Beauty and Brains. And a whole lot of Inspiration.  Miss High School. She stated her views eloquently and yet it was her charisma, her natural charm, that made young gentlemen gravitate towards her lovely presence. She was the catch of the century. And that is an understatement.

Mr. Sales thought that he could stand on his own. And so did Ms. Service. Well, in essence, they practically could. Or at least they thought so. Little did they know that they walked a parallel road of love. Things shifted in a nanosecond when their paths crossed. Oh Destiny! You are glorious indeed!

This is the Best Love Story Ever. While Mr. Sales had his huge following, Ms. Service was swarmed with a long queue of admirers as well. In fact, it was tough to tally their ratings on a chart. Not that anyone had to. They both packed a punch. They were both celebrated and very much sought after!

So how did Mr. Sales grab the attention of Ms. Service and win her heart? He did what he does best. Authentic to his nature and personal giftings, he courted her. He highlighted his Unique Selling Point (USP). He was clear about the power of his brand. He identified the needs and wants of Ms. Service, and he shared the amazing benefits he had to offer. Mr. Brilliant Strategist himself, he ultimately presented himself as the Answer to her dreams. And hands down, he unbeatably was. And so, she gave him her sweet Yes.

Now how did Ms. Service grab the attention of Mr. Sales and win his heart? She did what she does best. Authentic to her nature and personal giftings, she knew her value and shone so brilliantly. She appreciated his sterling qualities. She shared her scintillating inspiration. She added palpable joy and sparkle to his highly fulfilled life. She epitomized his idea of Home. She taught him the word Forever. She spoke his language of Love. Yes. FOREVER LOVE.

As love stories would have it, Mr. Sales and Ms. Service exchanged their loving “I Do’s” and sealed it with a kiss. They married the Love of their Lives – – – each other. 52 years ago.

Their Partnership exponentially increased their power as a couple. For what was once just the strength of one became the potent infusion of both worlds, mindsets, paradigms, and principles.

Meet Mr. Sales. My Beloved Daddy. Domingo Renato Pioquinto Batucan, Jr. Former 3M Executive, Concurrent Group Head of Traffic & Safety and Corporate Marketing & Public Affairs. Former 3M Leadership Team.

Meet Ms. Sales. My Beloved Mommy. Sonia Torres Hermosisima – Batucan. Former Director of Customer Relations, Philippine Airlines. Former Board of Directors, Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association (WACRA).

And so fast forward to the happy present, whenever I conduct Sales and Service Workshops as a Corporate Training Consultant, I share with my VIP participants the secret formula to every organization’s success. Vision. Mission. Values. People. Yes, these are critical, to say the least. However, the real deal is in the actual execution of every organization’s brand promise.  It’s the happy marriage, collaboration, and partnership of Sales and Service. It’s the amazing melding of hearts and minds. It’s the artful blending of relationships and benefits. It’s the excellent professionalism and delivery of world-class products and services. Truly astounding!

On a personal note, my VIP participants can better contextualize the passion with which I embrace the professional Sales and Service mindset. Yes, I do speak from a standpoint of honoring and respecting successful global brands. And yet, on a deeper level, I pay tribute to my Beloved Parents: Mr. Sales and Ms. Service.

And my heart smiles. For even in the global corporate arena, the world becomes a much better place when Sales and Service kiss. 



    1. Oh my Precious Renee! 💜💜💜 Was teary-eyed while writing this and listening to Burt Bacharach’s “This Guy’s In Love With You.” One of my Dad’s love songs for my Mom….. he’s got so many. I so love my Daddy and Mommy and I celebrate their FOREVER LOVE!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow your love and inspiration are extraordinare!!! Thanks for making my day Amelia!! Stay lovely and sweetly blessed! 🥰❤️😍⭐️💫💫💫


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