Don’t go for speed. It isn’t everything. Instead, zoom your way with Love! Your ride in life is what you make it. ❤️


22 thoughts on “LOVE BUG ❤️”

  1. Zoom Zoom Zoom Been Liking You
    Lately A Lot But Not Leaving Many
    Love Love Love Fumes Behind
    Nice People Who
    Are Kind Always
    Add to Soul Soul Soul
    Love So Truly i Never Leave
    You Behind Behind Behind
    As Kindness Always Breathes
    More Within When Love Breathes Breathes Breathes
    Some More And Spreads Some More Fumes Fumes Fumes
    HAha Least i Will Do
    After You are Nice
    Enough to Swing
    By Now And
    Like Like Like
    Like 4 of my Novel Longest Long Form
    Size Poems Poems Poems Poems Long
    Hehe Long Enough to Inspire Another
    one FRiEnD
    SMiLES SMiLES Yeka From The
    Beautiful Philippine Islands Where
    My Wife’s Beauty Beauty Beauty Comes From Those
    Islands True True True too As This Love Bug Number 53 All the Way through
    60 Years Now is Full of Love Gas Gas Gas to Leave Fumes More Behind too..;)

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    1. Wow Fred and Katie Mia super love love love your gas fumes fumes fumes! Continue to rev up and zoom zoom zoom!!! 🚘🚘🚘 Stay healthy and safe my dear friends! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. My first experience with learning to drive was in a baby-blue version of the Volkswagen above (without the heart headlights)…that was a happy time! Hope you Zoom through your day today with lots of love!


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