Discovering our world: Provence, France — Popsicle Society

Ahhh! What’s not to love about Travel? So many gorgeous places to visit. So many gorgeous people to love!

And Travel becomes electrically charged in love, beauty, and passion with POPSICLE SOCIETY!!!

Hello my dear readers, How are you? I hope your week is going smooth so far We have discovered the marjoram on Monday, today let’s discover Provence, the place of herbs of Provence that we all love so much. Classic postcard scenery and mild climate make Provence one of the most loved regions by artists […]

Discovering our world: Provence, France — Popsicle Society

If today was your last day — Forty Something Life As We Know It

I’ve always believed in LIVING TODAY AS IF IT WERE OUR LAST DAY! Purpose Spells the Difference!!!

And so, this powerful post grabbed my attention!

Do visit FORTY SOMETHING LIFE AS WE KNOW IT! And passionately celebrate life’s amazing journey!

I heard this song on the radio “If today was your last day…” Please listen to this song at the end of this post. I am a Forty Plusser. So, biological speaking – I am on my “halfway mark”of life. But any day can be your last day! So, let’s get into it. How would I spend […]

If today was your last day — Forty Something Life As We Know It