Meet Mr. Sales. A young dashing debonair. The ultimate heartthrob and star dancer in school. A celebrity drummer, singer and guitarist of his band called “Starfires”. An ace student. Every teacher’s pet. A favorite class president year in and year out. Every teenage girl’s dreamboat. He drove his Ford Fairlane and drove every girl crazy swooning over him. The Danny Zuko of Greased Lightnin’ fame. Only the perfect version.

Meet Ms. Service. A young, sweet, captivating beauty. So tender, so graceful, so radiant, so fair. She put the gentlest rosebud to shame. Beauty and Brains. And a whole lot of Inspiration.  Miss High School. She stated her views eloquently and yet it was her charisma, her natural charm, that made young gentlemen gravitate towards her lovely presence. She was the catch of the century. And that is an understatement.

Mr. Sales thought that he could stand on his own. And so did Ms. Service. Well, in essence, they practically could. Or at least they thought so. Little did they know that they walked a parallel road of love. Things shifted in a nanosecond when their paths crossed. Oh Destiny! You are glorious indeed!

This is the Best Love Story Ever. While Mr. Sales had his huge following, Ms. Service was swarmed with a long queue of admirers as well. In fact, it was tough to tally their ratings on a chart. Not that anyone had to. They both packed a punch. They were both celebrated and very much sought after!

So how did Mr. Sales grab the attention of Ms. Service and win her heart? He did what he does best. Authentic to his nature and personal giftings, he courted her. He highlighted his Unique Selling Point (USP). He was clear about the power of his brand. He identified the needs and wants of Ms. Service, and he shared the amazing benefits he had to offer. Mr. Brilliant Strategist himself, he ultimately presented himself as the Answer to her dreams. And hands down, he unbeatably was. And so, she gave him her sweet Yes.

Now how did Ms. Service grab the attention of Mr. Sales and win his heart? She did what she does best. Authentic to her nature and personal giftings, she knew her value and shone so brilliantly. She appreciated his sterling qualities. She shared her scintillating inspiration. She added palpable joy and sparkle to his highly fulfilled life. She epitomized his idea of Home. She taught him the word Forever. She spoke his language of Love. Yes. FOREVER LOVE.

As love stories would have it, Mr. Sales and Ms. Service exchanged their loving “I Do’s” and sealed it with a kiss. They married the Love of their Lives – – – each other. 52 years ago.

Their Partnership exponentially increased their power as a couple. For what was once just the strength of one became the potent infusion of both worlds, mindsets, paradigms, and principles.

Meet Mr. Sales. My Beloved Daddy. Domingo Renato Pioquinto Batucan, Jr. Former 3M Executive, Concurrent Group Head of Traffic & Safety and Corporate Marketing & Public Affairs. Former 3M Leadership Team.

Meet Ms. Sales. My Beloved Mommy. Sonia Torres Hermosisima – Batucan. Former Director of Customer Relations, Philippine Airlines. Former Board of Directors, Worldwide Airline Customer Relations Association (WACRA).

And so fast forward to the happy present, whenever I conduct Sales and Service Workshops as a Corporate Training Consultant, I share with my VIP participants the secret formula to every organization’s success. Vision. Mission. Values. People. Yes, these are critical, to say the least. However, the real deal is in the actual execution of every organization’s brand promise.  It’s the happy marriage, collaboration, and partnership of Sales and Service. It’s the amazing melding of hearts and minds. It’s the artful blending of relationships and benefits. It’s the excellent professionalism and delivery of world-class products and services. Truly astounding!

On a personal note, my VIP participants can better contextualize the passion with which I embrace the professional Sales and Service mindset. Yes, I do speak from a standpoint of honoring and respecting successful global brands. And yet, on a deeper level, I pay tribute to my Beloved Parents: Mr. Sales and Ms. Service.

And my heart smiles. For even in the global corporate arena, the world becomes a much better place when Sales and Service kiss. 



Have you ever noticed how love songs aired on the radio jump out at you when you’re in love? Or how pregnant women uncannily cross your path when you’re expecting a child? Or how the flashiest sports cars zoom along the freeway when you just come from an auto show?

I could go on and on, and yet we get the picture. Clear as daylight. In life, we gravitate towards what our mind focuses on. When we want to see opportunities, we see just that. In spite of the current challenging landscape. On the other hand, when we want to see threats, we see just that. In spite of the current booming landscape.

For our brains are intelligently wired to find answers to our questions just as missiles are strategically locked on to their targets.

A power thought to consider.

It takes intentionality to think more powerfully, creatively, productively, and proactively.

So, if you’re thinking along those lines of generally healthy ways that benefit your mind, heart, body, soul, and spirit, then keep that positive momentum. 

But if you feel any negative vibes that somehow spiral out of control, if you experience dauntingly stressful patterns, then immediately stop in your tracks and check your headspace. Grab hold of your thoughts and don’t just let them suck you into a vortex of despair. Check in with yourself and consider your focus. Yes, seriously assess what you’re actually thinking of.

What is your inner dialogue? What are you giving airtime to? What are you giving a performance stage to?

Power Fact: You have the power ultimately. You hold the baton to your own orchestra. You hold the paint brush to your own canvas. You hold the remote control to your own TV set.

In today’s world, changes occur at breakneck speed. An absurd influx of data and stimuli vie for our attention. Even streaming videos on demand paradoxically complicates life with easier access to data. So much is going on all around simultaneously. That is life now.

And although these are also admittedly exciting, pulsating times, we can all afford to wear the cap of wise vigilance.

We can stand tall as sentinels. To guard the gates of our minds. To guard the gates of our hearts. To guard the gates of our bodies. To guard the gates of our souls. To guard the gates of our spirits.

For everything starts with the thought. Both the empowering thought and the disempowering thought.




My purpose? LOVE.

Yes, even before I embraced our beloved blogging community, I embraced a world so close to my heart. Indeed, a world that will forever be close to my heart. Training and Development.

And when I think of my cherished world, I readily think of all these smiles, all these lovely faces that stay imprinted in my heart. These are the very people who have made every moment in the classroom precious beyond words. MY BELOVED VIPs. Very Important People. Very Influential People. Very Inspiring People.

So every time I think of Training and Development, I think beyond my brain. I go beyond my process design or lesson plan. I walk the extra mile to join my VIPs in their precious learning journey.

To all MY BELOVED VIPs, both here in WordPress and in my cherished world of Training and Development, I salute you all. For you are my inspiration. You teach me how to truly live. You teach me how to truly love. I love you all! ❤️



Double Joy.

Double Hope.

Double Faith.

Double Love.

Double Beauty.

Double Goodness.

Double Abundance.

Double Growth.

Double Learning.

Double Grace.

My life was forever changed the moment Grace opened the door to amazingly wondrous growth for me.

My view expanded the moment Grace trusted me to handle learning opportunities as a young corporate trainer.

My training muscles stretched the moment Grace thrust me into the world of learning and development.

Yes, I learned to grow up fast (even as the youngest trainer in our organization back then). To embrace both the happy and challenging moments in a classroom. To adjust to the learning styles of my students. To respect the learning pace of my students. To calibrate my teaching and training style. To sharpen my skill at communication and collaboration. To become a better trainer. To become a better human being.

The unforgettable moment I said YES to the indescribably awesome world of Training and Development? Over a quarter of a century ago.

Indeed. Grace upon grace. Blessing upon blessing. Love upon love.

My dearest mentor and beloved friend, Mrs. Grace Patricio – Abellera, has been such a Beautiful GRACE-filled Blessing to me and countless others.

And now, as she continues to live and love life to the fullest, it comes as happy knowledge that abundance wraps her so sweetly to this very day. For she attracts a life that is faithful to her very own nature. GRACE.

And that is the beautiful truth. She gives so much love and receives all that her happy heart can hold.

So refreshingly inspirational. So empoweringly abundant. So heartwarmingly true.

She makes my grateful heart smile. She makes me celebrate lifelong learning.


Oh how I love GRACE!!! ❤️



The most powerful force in the entire universe. Love.

And yet, when we look around and marinate ourselves in global news, we read, we hear, we see a plethora of disturbing violence and destruction. An inundation of doom and gloom.

Then, we begin to wonder, “Does Love really have a future?”

But when you shoot that dark-colored question to people of the Light, you instantly see a world of hope. A ray of beaming smiles. A totally bright future for Love.

These are the very people I celebrate my life with. Theirs are the voices that I listen to. For their messages of Love resonate deep within my soul. 

Yes, I stay most grateful for my Beloveds. My nieces, my nephews, my Godchildren.


NICKY, 5 ❤️

Love is mommy, daddy, ate and me. I love my mommy and daddy so much. Daddy is my hero and mommy is my best friend.

CASEY, 7 ❤️

Love is a warm, happy feeling that I get when I am with my family or friends. Love can help me in my future because it gives me inspiration to be a better person. I show my love to my family by being a good kid like being obedient and respectful to them.

GABE, 10 ❤️

Love is a feeling where one person is attracted to another person. Love can help you learn from your old mistakes. I show love by caring for my friends and family. I also help them.

TIGER, 11 ❤️

Love is caring for someone. Helping. Appreciation. Being a better person. I show my love by helping my parents in house chores. Getting good grades.

LIAM, 12 ❤️

Love is like a tree..when it falls apart, love breaks. Love can help me through the love and support of my family. Their love can give me a better future. I can show my love to my family by protecting them all the way.

NATHAN, 13 ❤️

Love is having a deep affection towards someone you’re comfortable with. Love will make you grow not only to become a better person, but a person who values their relationships. You just have to show respect and discipline to your family. That is the simplest way to show your love to them.

NIGEL, 13 ❤️

Love is a strong affection for a person. Love helps me keep doing what I want and it prepares me for something bigger. I can show love by helping others and communicating with them.

NICOLE, 14 ❤️

Love is learning and growing and showing appreciation towards the people you care about. When it comes to love, there will be good and bad things—but that’s okay. I can learn from each of the things I might do whether it be good or bad and apply that in the future so that I know what needs to be done and what I should stop/avoid doing. Love comes in all forms—friendship, family, romantic, etc. But for each, the one thing I can do is show the people around me that I do care by helping them whenever something goes wrong and willingly use my time to prioritize and spend time with them.

CHILI, 15 ❤️

For me, Love is an emotion that does not only allow you to empathize with others, but connect and understand others on a deeper level. Love is what causes multiple emotions in you all at once because of the immense feelings Love can give you. Love will help me shape my future because I know it will allow me to understand my emotions better through the experiences I go through with the people that I continue to and stop loving. I can show Love by having proper communication with others and using kind and encouraging words. Nowadays, we use social media as a means to receive compliments and understand “Love”, yet we forget that simple Face-to-face communication can be more intimate…

DRAKE, 15 ❤️

Love is something that they cannot take away from you. The love I receive from my parents is something I am born with. Love can help me feel better whenever I get low grades in school. The love and support I get helps me to try harder in school and become a better person. I can show my love to my family by giving them good grades. This makes them happy and proud of me.

JEWEL, 16 ❤️

For me, love is giving someone (or even yourself) all the respect and all hope they need. That means that although you may not always agree with them, you still acknowledge their feelings, and sometimes they may make mistakes, but you still care for them despite that. For self-love, it means loving yourself although you yourself know that you’re not perfect. You give yourself time and space to grow. Love can help me in many ways – it can be where I find motivation and hope, and it can also be the one to help me find the purpose of my life. Love doesn’t always have to be romantic, it can come in many shapes and forms, some of them so diverse that it surprises you! I genuinely believe that love is felt in the simplest things – being kind to strangers, helping others with small mundane tasks, it genuinely makes people feel valued and makes them feel real love!

RIANNA, 18 ❤️

Love is when you give a special part of you to someone/something without expecting anything in return. For me, it is as simple as being there for my friends, spending time with my family, and thanking God for my blessings. Love can go in many ways as long as it is from the heart. When we learn to love, we also learn how to see everything with love. We become positive even if we are given the most difficult situations. We treat people with kindness even if they are full of hatred. Futures depend on how we treat our present. As mentioned, when we love, we see things positively. Life can be tough at times, but we can always choose to overcome it. For me, simple things can really go a long way! Love does not have to be buying flowers for your partner, it could also mean asking the person how he/she is. It does not have to be giving the most expensive bag to someone, it could also mean saying “I love you” to your mom every night before bed. Like what was mentioned above, love can be anything as long as it is from the heart. Spread the love!

ARIANNE, 18 ❤️

Love is completely unconditional. It has no conditions. When we truly love someone, we can’t stop loving them, regardless of what they do or say. Love is selfless. True love doesn’t want anything in return, because there is nothing it needs. We just love for the sake of love. When we love someone, we don’t look for them to fill our needs, love us back, and all those types of things.

DARI, 18 ❤️

LOVE is a feeling of comfort, a feeling to be vulnerable and to let go of inhibitions and the borders one builds up with a certain person; to truly be yourself and in the moment with no fear of judgment or hate. Furthermore, LOVE is a willingness to sacrifice, to give up comfort, time and effort to help to those who need it the most and to those who you love. LOVE can help shape my future as I believe it gives a sense of selflessness and charity to the person who practices it. And virtues like that truly help one excel in the future whether near or far. In the concept of making LOVE more real for others. I truly believe that the only way to do that is to have that love deeply rooted within yourself, for it to be firm and steady like a sycamore tree. Because of the fact you cannot genuinely give what you, yourself do not have. So to make LOVE more real for those you intend to share it with, you must learn to truly fall in love with yourself.

MARTIN, 20 ❤️

Love is being there for someone through thick and thin. It can help my future because I know that I have my friends and family who love me and I feel more confident because of that. Always give back the same love that people give to you.

DIEGO, 21 ❤️

Love is a choice. A choice to be selfless, to think about something or someone before yourself! The easiest way love can shape my future is by allowing it to take control of my life. If I allow myself to choose to put others before me, I have already fulfilled life’s greatest mandate–to serve others without expecting anything in return. How do I show my love? Simple, by making sure that I choose them every single day. It’s easy to say that I love my parents or my friends.

REGGIE, 22 ❤️

Love is a feeling towards someone you care for. Love is what makes life beautiful, without love, life will have meaningless chapters. Loving someone is unconditional. You don’t love a person because you need something, you love someone because it is eternal and that is how it will shape your future, by being with the person you will love for a lifetime. Spread love and smiles instead of hate and insecurities!

And so, if at any point in time, you begin to wonder about the future of Love, just look within and find the answer.