Dear Sophie,

Thank you beyond words. Your poem touched my heart, my soul. I will always treasure your masterpiece handcrafted with pure love.

Our friendship blossomed with such ease. And I’m so honored with your sweet love and trust.

You and I may be going through our different challenges, and yet we both stay strong. We will weather the storms. After all, we are Warriors!

With deepest love and affection, I’d like to share my battlecry song with you.

This is for you, my Dragon Warrior! ❤️

CARDS: A special series on Love Letters and sweet expressions of love

Till our next run, let’s take time to remind others how much they mean to us!


A LETTER TO YEKA ❤️ (Reblogged)

I was kissed by an Angel ❤️ My Beloved Beautiful Dragon Warrior ❤️

Den of Dreams

Dear Yeka,

I know, I have met you just a few days ago but already you have won a big place in my heart. I don’t know of enough words to describe the lovely and cheerful personality you have. You certainly are really sweet and lovely and amazing! I am really happy that I had found your lovely, warm place. You are a warrior, and a protector indeed.


A warm ray of happiness,

Always smiling, full of cheers

Always accepting, always helping,

Spreading light everywhere,

Dear Yeka, you know the beauty

And the real shape of love,

You the silver lining,

Of every grey cloud, looming above,

And that’s what makes you so pretty.

You are brave, always sweet,

You know how to take defeat

With a smile. You are brave,

For you fight for the right.

I admire you a lot,

And with you, it’s all about love.

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2018: The year that changed my life forever.

So Will I. The song that changed my heart forever. That song was Heaven-sent that year when life threw a bomb my way.

It was then that I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy. I nearly exploded! I could hardly believe it, but I had to face it. I hated it, but I had to befriend the journey it would take me through. I questioned it, but I found my answers through deep introspection. I cried buckets (no, rivers!), but I smiled victoriously too. I was saddled with emotions, but I was emancipated with surrender. Not the defeated kind, mind you. But the surrender that embraces strength. The total faith-in-God kind of surrender.

And as I continue this journey with love in my heart, I share this song with you. In hopes that you will find your miracle too! ❤️