There you were, bursting with joy! Hurrah! Then there they were, aggressively bursting your joy! No, blitzkrieging your joy. Stealing your joy. Raping your joy. Clobbering your joy. Beating breathless your joy. Killing your joy. Eventually.

What?!?! The huge disparity? The Theory of “Polarity” at play?

I find it so unthinkable, so puzzling, so mind-boggling, how some people practically loathe and despise the happiness of others, as if it were malaria, as if it were a much-dreaded incurable disease, as if it were the proverbial plague to avoid.

It makes me wonder beyond comprehension why some people actually “die” at the “birth” or even more interestingly, at the “rebirth” of others. Just when others see the silver lining, just when they wish over the rainbow, just when they hope against all odds, just when they work their asses off, just when they have a new lease on life, just when they renegotiate with life on their own terms, just when they firm their footing on land, just when they regain their bearings at sea, just when they steady their heading in the air.

Oh, help my mind see through their twisted compass.

And when my thoughts swing to the opposite side of the pendulum, I wonder again.

Why are some people “born” or insanely “reborn” at the “death” of others? “Misery loves company”, they say. Well, I say misery is a sick bitch that needs a lot of guidance, advice, counseling, healing, restoration, and “enlightened rebirth”. I mean, what mind, what heart, what being would actually celebrate the loss, the defeat, the pain, the devastation, the storm, the tornado, the avalanche, the sickness, the death of others?

Oh, help my mind see through their twisted “True North”.

Passion overtakes me as I embrace the precious gift of free will. Yes, we always have a choice. We all do.

It’s a given, though. We will never be able to control all the forces. Well, who would even want to do that anyway? That would be tiringly impossible. But we can proactively shape the next steps, the next scenes, the next scenarios, the next chapters.

As I mull over these mysteries, a script plays in my head.

You smiled. They cried. Then what? You cried. They smiled. Then what?

The answer lies in the door. It’s as simple as the more they’ll see of you …….. or no more. ❤️

Yes, You Always Have A Choice.

47 thoughts on “YOU SMILED. THEY CRIED. THEN WHAT? ❤️”

    1. LMAO 😂 Well, it does get pretty graphic and intense huh? Was trying to drive a point. Or hammer it down. Powerfully, to say the least. Thanks for making me smile and laugh Matthew! 🤣


  1. Ugh so true. Worst is when its your own family members, instead of helping you up, they like to help bring you down. Thats why I never tell just anyone about the good things happening in my life. I mostly just tell the person that helped me get there some how.

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    1. Such a mystery huh? I’m so proud of you. For you know, you choose, you determine who gets to celebrate your awesome life and blessings with you! Deepest love and respect! ❤️

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  2. Yes.. we always have a choice.
    We don’t know what’s really going on.. 😦
    We might be have a choice.. but still there is always a reason why!
    I don’t know why some of us.. find a joy of death of others.. I don’t understand it either! 😦
    Thanks for sharing it! A complexion of reality. #Curiosmind

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      1. We continue to fight the good fight of faith. And in this world, where there may be a touch of dreariness at times, or even worse, outright hatred, there is always a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of hope, a relentless force that keeps on pressing on …. AND THE GREATEST OF ALL IS LOVE! ❤️

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      2. Thanks so much Flor. Love can majestically move the mountains …. and pierce even through the darkest of nights and hardest of hearts. Ultimately. ❤️

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      3. My same sentiments Flor. Perhaps darkness can never co-exist with light after all. The potent truth at the end of the day is that LIGHT WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️


    1. My same sentiments Flor. Perhaps darkness can never co-exist with light after all. The potent truth at the end of the day is that LIGHT WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️


  3. Misery is a bitch indeed and if someone is comfortable because you are unhappy they need therapy certainly and they are a lot!! I know people that need to make sure you’re not well so they can feel good about themselves actually 🙁
    And we always have a choice I agree and I also say even death is a choice if it’s the only way!
    Thank you for sharing 🌞🌞

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    1. I respect that. Others have their own lives to live ….. And so do I. We all have a say in how we live our lives. It’s really a matter of choice. And yet, because of the very gift of “Response – ability”, we can all benefit from embracing the accompanying “Responsiblity” as well.

      I enjoy my life in my own terms and live by the “Gestalt Prayer” …….

      “I do my thing and you do your thing.
      I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
      And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
      You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.
      If not, it can’t be helped.”
      ― Fritz Perls

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      1. Yes, your viewpoint resonates with me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love hearing from you …. your have a rich view of the world. I love appreciating life too through your lovely lens. 🙂

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  4. It really sucks YBP. Some prefer to keep superior to others and wanting to have it all to themselves. It reminds I of a time when I was at a concert. Before it began, promoters showed a commercial of a car winner who participated in their services. Members of the community where happy for him and danced like crazy. At the concert, a lady at a distance swore in disguist how she wouldn’t be happy for him or waste her dance moves celebrating for him. I still wonder where she suddenly got this resentment and failure of feeling happy for another 🤐😮😣😯

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    1. Seriously?!?!?! Well, she must’ve had her reasons …. she probably didn’t like the dance moves of others hahaha! 🙂 Kidding aside, she may have had her personal issues. It can be quite sad to see others passing out large doses of gloom at the victory of others. I can’t comprehend all that crazy “victim mentality” till this day. And yet, after some moments of wonder, surprise, disdain (I too have my biases. I am human after all.), I have a moment of compassion for them. For I know, that they have a sad, mad, bad story to tell …. or at least that kind of negative recording and scripting which they play back in a loop ……. for too long.

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      1. Yes HOPE and LOVE prevail. What matters most is how we personally navigate through life. One question I love to ask myself is “How am I living, respecting, and celebrating this gift called life?” For after all this “life”, would I have left the world a better place with the space I joyfully and gratefully occupied?

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    1. Thanks for sharing how my thoughts resonate with you Crystal. We are kindred spirits. And yes, I do live by the Gestalt Prayer. It’s so beautifully empowering and liberating! – – – For all parties involved. 🙂

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