It’s a brand new day! (Audience response:  APPLAUSE).  With brand new smiles and handshakes. Brand new dreams and aspirations. Brand new hopes and ambitions. Brand new creations and designs. Brand new meetings and workshops. Brand news deals and contracts. Brand new options and solutions.

Weather forecast? Generally sunny skies aaaaall oooover!  (Audience response:  MAJORLY THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE).

Now, in contrast, jump to the next scene.

It’s a brand new day! (Audience response:  SIGH).  With brand new irritations and apprehensions. Brand new nitpicking and criticizing. Brand new anxieties and fears. Brand new foreboding and negativity. Brand new threats and attacks. Brand new problems and complaints.

Weather forecast? Generally heavy rains and thunderstorms aaaaall oooover! (Audience response: LOUDEST SIGH …… MOAN, GROAN, or however you’d articulate insufferable displeasure).

Funny really. Actually, odd. The day presents itself as a neutral point in time. It’s just exactly that. A DAY.

However, our attitudes and mindsets spell all the difference. Do we choose to focus on the positive things in life? That choice propels us to go on. Or do we choose to focus on the negative things in life? That choice weakens us and halts us altogether.

Of course, I’m fully aware that life isn’t a bed or roses. There are expectedly a number of thorns along the way. And yet …. A big YET ….. there are also a plethora of blessings that await us …. a rainbow of renewed hopes that we can hold on to ….  a multitude of miracles that are raring to unfold before our very eyes.

So at the end of the day ….. or should I say, at the beginning of the day (haha!) …. It’s really a matter of focus, of perspective, of angle, of vision.

I may not know what my day holds, but I definitely choose happiness. Yup, aaaaall oooover!

So popping my happy pill, I say, “Hey world, I’m ready for my brand new “BRAND YOU” day! Yeah, bring it on!” ❤️


22 thoughts on “POPPING MY HAPPY PILL ❤️”

    1. LOL! Your awesome comment is so revealing. You’re definitely an optimist, my kind of fella’ …. you belong to the light …. May the force be with you. Jedi! 😊

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      1. Aww you’re simply humble and cool about it. Definitely my kind of fella’. Cheers to us optimists! Have a great day and stay awesome! ☀️😊☀️

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    1. Thanks a billion Mat! The answer lies in our vantage points! Clear as day. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ By the way, loved your post! Brilliant as always! 👏👏👏

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    1. Wow thanks so much Toni! Coming from you …. what a sweet, precious honor! I love your point ….. the intentionality behind being happy. It’s a pretty smart choice after all. The best in fact, in my book! 😄❤️☀️

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  1. ♡ …or maybe rediscovering the joy and purity of your childlike state that got buried by being a ‘GROWN UP 😥😪😔😲😢😧😤😳😵😬😡😠’


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    1. What an interesting insight ……. yes, the world makes us all “grow up” ……… and though it’s great to grow in grace and maturity, it’s likewise a gift to stay in touch with our “inner child”. ❤️

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    1. OMG! Brad, this is totally cool and way beyond awesome! Deeply honored with your link to my “POPPING MY HAPPY PILL” post on “IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE”! ❤️ The moment we touched base, you had optimism stamped all over you. So glad we’re on the same happy team yeah! Oh yes, I so love your bumblebee bliss and all that liquid sunshine too! ☀️🐝☀️🐝☀️🐝


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