Instead of saying “Look, God, how big my mountains are,” I say “Look, mountains, how BIG my GOD is.” ❤️

So, what do you say to your mountains? ❤️


31 thoughts on “MESSAGE TO MY MOUNTAINS ❤️”

  1. A bit confused as to what I am replying to here, but it is your Published by YBP comment that inspires me to comment. You sound like a person in love with life, and with yourself (who you are, not a narcissist). That is a great way to live.
    But what does it mean when you say you “train” your students? Is that as a teacher of skills, or a teacher of life, or something totally different. I just find it an odd word, so I am wondering how you mean it.

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for clarifying …… “train” is the technical term we use in the corporate world …. as by profession, I am a Corporate Training Consultant. I conduct programs and workshops on Communication, Customer Service, and Sales.❤️ I am so grateful that you took time to know me and appreciate what I do …. in our busy world, it is not often that we come across wonderful, good souls who stop and check how others are doing. I am so honored to have met you here in WordPress. Thanks so much for your warm inspiration! ❤️


      1. I don’t know where you live, but if you train people in how to provide good customer service, you are very needed in western Canada. (Mind, you are probably needed all over the world, but I live in Alberta, and there is a famine of customer service these days. People almost growl at customers for interrupting their texting or the conversations with their co-workers! Why anyone is willing to pay them I cannot determine. I have stopped going to a number of stores because I feel like I am burdening the salespeople.)
        Not exactly a message of love, unfortunately, but even a smile would help once in a while…

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      2. Oh my, I am sorry to hear that ….. in fact, I feel so disheartened …. for if that is the situation in some of the establishments, then that definitely sends the wrong signal to their precious customers….. Farthest from what they should show to ALL customers …. for the customers are the HEART of any store, business, organization. They are the LIFEBLOOD….. the very REASON for our existence! CUSTOMERS are there to be valued, respected, assured, assisted, cherished, trusted, encouraged, motivated, served, and ULTIMATELY, LOVED!!! ❤️💜💙💚💛💜💙💚💛❤️💜💙💚💛💙💚💜❤️💛

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      3. That line of hearts is pretty indicative of the line-ups at the check-outs, though there is no such cheeriness. I try to start conversations with those around me, and sometimes I meet some wonderful people. But mostly I get that look, what are you so happy about. I’ve been standing here 3 minutes already and the line hasn’t moved.
        Maybe you should start a course on being nice neighbours, smiles are so much better than grim hate-filled faces.

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      4. I love your heart! ❤️ Only a good soul can say that …. and expect more good from this world. Yes, I know that there’s a lot of negativity out there (sadly and shockingly, sometimes we see that in service organizations!?!?! That really gets to me! I’m so passionate about EXCELLENT SERVICE. And for me ultimately, Service is about Love …. for to give Excellent Service, you should focus your positive, productive energies on your Customer …. bringing him/ her the best possible solution …. and in fact, BEING PART OF THE SOLUTION!!! (Not aggravating further the situation and unnecessarily bringing more problems to the customer ……)


      5. Thank you. I love your joyous heart. But we speak a different language (not language as in English or Tagalog, but as in god and atheism), and I do not want to disillusion you as to who I am. I do not mean that we cannot communicate, I hope I can communicate with anyone, just while we need to respect each other’s beliefs (which I am sure we each do), we also need to respect each other’s language. That is not always so easy.
        When I say I do not believe in god (or in gods of any kind) I believe we are the creators of our own selves, unless we were brainwashed as children, and we make the choice to be nice or mean. I do not believe in a soul as such, but I do believe in a spirit that connects us all, one to another, including every living being on the Earth. Where you see love as the major connector, I see life before as more important. I know no one has the same experience as anyone else, yet how we describe our experiences is limited to our words, and therein lies a trap few see. There are now way over 7 billion people living in the world today, and each word we speak has more than 7 billion different understandings. I honour that you see this as God, but that is a word I cannot use. It carries thousands of years of baggage, which weighs it down. I do not want to be weighed down. I want to soar through the cosmos.
        In one way, this is the wrong place to be making such suggestions, as I may be offending some of your readers. But in another way it is the best place, for I am sure you want me to feel safe no matter what I believe or how I state my beliefs. I am not one to shut up, though. So if you rather I do not leave comments on your blog, I will honour that request. Peace and love be with you.

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      6. Thank you so much for your authenticity…… we both honor our truth in us and respect the truth we likewise both hold. I appreciate your message and I stay grateful. Yes, peace and love be with you too! ❤️


    1. My precious Renee! What a powerfully moving message …. a command that finds its strength in LOVE and CONFIDENCE and GOD!

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