REBLOGGED: ‘Reflected Truth’ Poem on ‘It’s All About Love’ ❤️

My heart danced when I saw this heartfelt appreciation from Brad of Commonsensiblyspeaking! Do give him a special visit and be inspired with his awesome poetry and insightful blog! 😀❤️☀️😀❤️☀️😀❤️☀️


My latest poem, ‘Reflected Truth, available now, only at It’sAllAboutLove’!

Here’s why:

I have led a unique and well-travelled life. It has afforded me the opportunity to do and see things best described as outside the norm. And as a reckless youth, I jumped at every chance to experience the unusual. I had resigned myself to a life without many ‘firsts’ left to cross off the list. But, as always, I was mistaken.

Recently, I was asked to write a ‘guest post’ for another site, and this was my latest ‘first’ in life. And though I was immediately a little nervous, the adventurer in me could not be denied and I readily accepted the great honor.

I had written in response to a writing challenge before, as I did for Mathew at Blog of the Wolf Boy, with my posts…

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