Hello, Friends.
Yeka, like myself, professes love. And that’s all you need, especially in today’s turbulent times. I write a lot about the sea, religion, but love is my favorite. I always come back to it as I’m sure all of you do. Poetic style changes, our lives change, but the true meaning of life never does. It is the one thing that remains constant, love. Always there for you, sincere and unconditional.
Peace and love, Lance Sheridan

A long love

Love is handily made of what is necessary

To replace a loneliness;

A plainly made agreement on paper to stop

The holes- the one in the heart, 

The one for a singular arrangement established

By a length of emptiness.

Did she mean, did he say, you do not cry,

Tell lightly what you meant;

All of which nobody not you knew.

But it is so. Once in a while you wait.

There is no search, but there is hope.

A circle of a ring and a chance for pleasure

And not getting tired of it,

It shows there is no mistake.

A commitment is a commitment and does

Not connect under a bed.

The sight of a reason, the same sight slighter,

The intention to wishing,

The same splendor is a necessity needed.

A method of love, a single climb to a system,

Lily white with a noise and a grace;

Not in a catalogue, not a resignation-

All makes for a silver lining with no ribbon.

Copyright © 07/06/2019 lance sheridan®

MIRRORS: A special series of Reflections on Life and Love ❤️

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    1. My deepest and sweetest pleasure, Lance! Most honored with your special Guest Post on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE! Thanks with much LOVE!!! ❤️💜💛💙💚❤️💜💛💙💚

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    1. Thanks so much for your warmest appreciation and inspiration Julpha Jean! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 Yes, Lance penned LOVE so beautifully. Such a heart-filled poet and author!!💛🌟💛🌟💛🌟

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