Double Joy.

Double Hope.

Double Faith.

Double Love.

Double Beauty.

Double Goodness.

Double Abundance.

Double Growth.

Double Learning.

Double Grace.

My life was forever changed the moment Grace opened the door to amazingly wondrous growth for me.

My view expanded the moment Grace trusted me to handle learning opportunities as a young corporate trainer.

My training muscles stretched the moment Grace thrust me into the world of learning and development.

Yes, I learned to grow up fast (even as the youngest trainer in our organization back then). To embrace both the happy and challenging moments in a classroom. To adjust to the learning styles of my students. To respect the learning pace of my students. To calibrate my teaching and training style. To sharpen my skill at communication and collaboration. To become a better trainer. To become a better human being.

The unforgettable moment I said YES to the indescribably awesome world of Training and Development? Over a quarter of a century ago.

Indeed. Grace upon grace. Blessing upon blessing. Love upon love.

My dearest mentor and beloved friend, Mrs. Grace Patricio – Abellera, has been such a Beautiful GRACE-filled Blessing to me and countless others.

And now, as she continues to live and love life to the fullest, it comes as happy knowledge that abundance wraps her so sweetly to this very day. For she attracts a life that is faithful to her very own nature. GRACE.

And that is the beautiful truth. She gives so much love and receives all that her happy heart can hold.

So refreshingly inspirational. So empoweringly abundant. So heartwarmingly true.

She makes my grateful heart smile. She makes me celebrate lifelong learning.


Oh how I love GRACE!!! ❤️


30 thoughts on “GRACE UPON GRACE ❤️”

    1. Teachers and mentors are such amazing gifts to us. And I believe our world would be even much lovelier if we continue to thank those who have inspired us to become better people. THANK YOU is such a beautiful expression of LOVE! ❤️💛💫❤️💛💫❤️💫❤️💛💫


    1. Thank YOU dear Kanika 🥰❤️😍….. I stay forever grateful to my dear mentor and beloved friend Grace! 💛⭐️💫💛⭐️💫 Thanks for always filling our WordPress days with so much LOVE AND INSPIRATION!!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

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      1. What A Lovely World
        We All Share A GreaTesT Work Of Love is Helping All Others Feel And
        Sense Yes Give
        And Share This
        Love Worthy of
        A Name As Small
        As God And Large
        As Love Will Continue
        To Evolve And Grow
        As LiGHT
        Out of

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  1. Awesome devotion. I stumbled upon your blog and oh what a delight. I am blessed and inspired. In in fact the posts are inspired and inspiring.

    Glory to the grace of God upon your life and ministry. Blessings to you always


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