So, what makes you joyful? 😃

Cheers to even more reasons to smile! 😃


20 thoughts on “CHOOSE JOY! ❤️”

      1. I have a variety I love to read…so many are waiting patiently for me to pick up. I have slowly been working on reading some light fiction, some self help and some of the classics of mythology.
        A little bit here and there helps.
        “Celtic Mythology” by Knight, Vegan baking, “The Last Pagan” by Murdoch, “Chariot of the Gods” by Von Daniken, “The Tools” by Stutz and Michael’s and “Discovering Your Soul Signiture” by Desai…

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  1. That’s a very interesting question
    Reading history books and writing short novels is what makes me joyful
    Very nice post


  2. Bringing Smiles to other Folks
    Total Strangers as i Dance in Public
    Now Halfway around the World in total
    Distance, 12,593 Miles. in close to 77
    Months is what Brings me the Most
    Joy as every stranger
    who wears a
    New Smile
    is no longer
    a Stranger my
    Friend… hehe… i erase
    Strangers every where i Dance…
    Thanks so much for this Inspiration
    on 1.20.2020 still my Time in Crisp
    Cool Sunny Panhandle of Florida
    the State of Flowers.. my County
    Santa Rosa.. A Church i visit
    each Weekend, St. Rose of Lima..
    the Catholic Church
    Parish in this County
    too; Lovely Flowers
    And Thorns to appreciate
    the Smell of the Entire Rose of Love more..:)


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