HAPPY LOVELY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! How I treasure our sweet journey together. While I gratefully hold your hand, you lovingly hold my heart. I love you more than you’ll ever know! Super and Forever! ❤️


16 thoughts on “MY MOST BEAUTIFUL BLESSING! ❤️”

  1. Happy birthday to your mother
    It’s very nice to celebrate the birthday of the world’s number one woman
    Because each mom is considered as a sacred gift from god
    God bless all the amazing moms around the world

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      1. Of course
        Dads are also a wonderful gift from god
        We are all lucky to have a loving father looking out for us
        Hope you check out my blog
        I enjoyed reading some of your posts

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  2. Aw! What a precious post! Happy Birthday to your beautiful mama! I pray that she has many more healthy and happy ones to come! What a beautiful relationship you have. That’s a blessing!

    Lots of love to you sweetie! 💕

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