Liesl Batucan

Hands down and unequivocally the most awesome the most thoughtful the most generous hearted the most loving the most sterling the most kick-ass the most amazing brother, son, human being, and the most humble and down-to-earth genuine person you will ever be blessed to meet. That’s my brother CARLO. My EAGLE. The Eagle Chef. EAGLE, I miss you, we miss you. So heartened that inspite of your busy sched and hectic work pace as The Chef running the show there, we got to celebrate a snippet of Christmas virtually with you. And though missing you, so immensely proud of you that you are making Christmas happen for everyone who gets to enjoy your amazing culinary creations there in Australia. You make a lot as in a lot of people happy so that’s that. What could be a better, more meaningful, and more victorious Christmas, full of light. I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH EAGLE!!! Unending Love from me, Mom, and Yekkie, and Merry Christmas!!! You never cease to make us all so darn proud. 😎


14 thoughts on “EAGLE CHEF ❤️”

    1. Hi Roger! Yes he DEFINITELY is! Hands down the BEST! We love him super! ❤️ Sending you HAPPY NEW YEAR BLESSINGS too!!! 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️


    1. My Precious Renee!!! 💎💎💎 So sweet of you, my beautiful sister-in-Christ! 💜 💜 💜 Yup our entire family is mighty proud of him! HE IS OUR STRENGTH AND JOY! A TRUE CHAMPION OF GOD! 🌟🙏🌟🙏🌟🙏

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