Hi friends! I’ve always loved doors! In my life, they represent fresh opportunities, adventures, pointers, lessons, revelations, celebrations, and more.
In our WP community, opening doors translates into a renewed appreciation for our beloved fellow bloggers and their deeply cherished blogs.

Through my Doors Series, I aim to give our fellow bloggers the gift of sharing a piece of their world. I invite them to guest post on my blog and share their message, their story, their heart. I also encourage them to show how our blogs and worlds link together in love.

After all, IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE. ❤️

Today, we happily knock on the door of a dear friend and fellow blogger:

Kevin of What Words May Come ❤️

Thank you, Yeka, for your loving, kind invitation to Guest Post on your blog.  I am honored and humbled by the experience!  Your tender heart is perfectly reflected in the words you post, and I feel so blessed to call you my friend.  Your life-resilience is admirable beyond words…

I have many passions in my life:

• God

• Family

• Children and their laughter

• Writing whatever God puts on my heart

• Etc… (the list is long)

More than likely, many of you reading this have very similar passions.   For this post, however, I will reflect on our most common – writing.

While I’ve always enjoyed making up stories or rhymes, especially when my children were young, I have only recently realized how much I love to write.  We will call it a latent talent, although I believe it has always lived inside of me.

In my recently published book of poetry I feature 40 faith-based poems. It’s my belief that God allowed me to write these poems, and do so with little effort. I feel blessed for that, and I give credit where credit is due! (I wish formatting had been as easy! 😁)

I hope that my love of God, family and mankind in general is reflected in my posts out here on WordPress.  It is what feeds my heart and my fingers when I write.

It is intentional when I write something out of sync with my other posts.  A short story or song or whatever, as I am passionate about staying as broad as possible to include as many tastes for the readers who follow me.  

Thank you for all those who follow my blog.  You are my blessing every day!

I love all feedback too, as well as all the sweet and kind messages when words I’ve written touch the reader.  That is what keeps me going!

WordPress is such a beautiful release for so many diverse thoughts for all the writers.  I wish it could be duplicated and the heartfelt intent we feel for one another could spread around the world.

Maybe, just maybe, we can find tolerance, acceptance and love for our neighbor, regardless of who they are, and in doing so make this world a better place for our children. A dreamer is going to dream, and, sometimes, dreams do come true!

My wish for you all is for you to find your inner peace and see the good in others, so we can truly love our neighbors as ourselves!  

Love is really the key!

Thanks so much for opening your door to us, dear Kevin! ❤️

Your immeasurable faith in God touches our hearts and minds with power and depth.

While your love for God, family, and mankind fuel your passion to write, your all-inclusive approach to your posts invites even more readers to your faith-filled blog.

As you live and breathe faith, you inspire us to look beyond ourselves. You encourage us to look with greater love towards our neighbors. You help us believe that we can truly make a difference in our world.

And we echo your wish of inner peace and goodness. For Love is really the key to open the doors of our hearts and minds. ❤️

So friends, thanks for dropping by!

Do give Kevin a special knock on What Words May Come!

Till our next run of Doors, I wish everyone many happy, love-filled days ahead!

And here’s looking forward to opening more doors with you! ❤️