To my Best Bud, my Champion for Life, CARL! 😎

Chaaaaaamp! Thank you, thank you, thank you for always being with me through all the years.

I recall how Liz and I adored you the very first moment we saw you at the nursery. We tiptoed as your cute little “ates” and lovingly peered into the crib and said in our hearts, “That’s our precious dearest brother!” You were hands down the cutest, most handsome baby and we could hardly wait to bring you home and enjoy you haha!

At home, whenever your nanny/ yaya would take you out (coz she wanted to show you off to the others too), Liz and I would be most protective. We had your cute little back even way then.

At Colegio San Agustin, Liz and I were the proudest ates and we loved to check on you in the round building, remember? And I was so happy-thrilled-proud to be invited to teach your class during CSA Student Teacher Week. I can still picture your handsome beaming face coz you told me after class that you were also proud of me aww!

You were always my favorite summer student at home. It’s not that you needed any classes coz you’ve always been inherently dynamic, smart,
intelligent, and witty. It’s just that I had the great desire even then to be in the teaching field so I created a special summer curriculum for you. (That was already the “little trainer” in me emerging haha!)

When you were celebrated as CSA’s Mr. Rick Astley and so many girls swooned over you, we were always so proud of you! How sweet that Liz faithfully supported you in all of your awesome singing and dancing performances. Dad and Liz were so blessed to witness your slam dunk kick-ass performance during graduation while Mom and I were preparing for your graduation party at home.

Off to college, you competed and won medals in the culinary field. Oh the Chefs on Parade was such a momentous family event as Daddy, Mommy, Liz, and I cheered you on and of course as always, Liz and I screamed as your number 1 fans, “Carlo!!!! We love you!!!!” Over and beyond your medals, you won big time as the MOST LOVED BROTHER! And the MOST LOVED SON!

When you set foot in the professional arena, you never ceased to amaze us, your Eagle Family, with your precious powerful journey. Thanks for sharing with us every triumph, every challenge, every growth, every opportunity all the way…. from The Peninsula Manila to the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to Raffles Dubai to Crown Melbourne to even more of Oz and beyond … we were with you consistently as you always held us in your heart of gold. Thank you for taking us with you everywhere you go.

Champ, your life is priceless. For you, yes. And even more so to the highest exponential degree, for us, your Eagle Family. For as Liz loves to say, “You completed our Eagle Family the moment you were born.” I couldn’t articulate it any better than that.

Today, as you celebrate your 47th Birthday, I wish you 47 Billion Blessings and Beyond! Daddy gives you his eternal Father’s Blessing as you are and always will be, his most treasured, his one and only beloved son. Mommy, Liz, and I embrace you with all our hearts and honor you in our Eagle Family, our hearts, forever.

And on a personal level, our friendship and bond that spans a lifetime of family love and blessings will be forever celebrated here on earth and unto eternity in Our True Home Heaven.

Definitely so much more to thank you for Champ… So much more to celebrate with you…. And so much more to praise and worship God for with you! Here’s to a lifetime of love and goodness and blessings and celebrations overflowing!

I salute YOU: God’s General and God’s Signet Ring! 😎

I love you super and forever!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Champ Yeks 😀




My brother Carlo. I bless the day you were born. I celebrate you and the strength and winsomeness of your character.

Just like Dad, you are a truly truly good man. Excellent to the core. To the core. Genuine, strong, brave, and true.

There is a reason I call you EAGLE.

I always knew you were destined to SOAR.

You were born for high altitudes and that’s where your character and heart and skill shine brightest.

You inspire me endlessly.

How do you do it?

You are effortlessness personified.

You take everything—no matter how challenging—in stride, or should I say, in wing, in flight.

With ease and precision, you get things done. And flawlessly.

Just like the drumbeats you play. Done and dusted. Eezy breezy too easy.

You must have been born with secret superpowers you’ve never told me about.

But I know your secret: You live a life rooted in unshakeable faith in God. And that is why you soar. You are His Eagle. His stamp and signet ring.

I, your sister, fix my eyes on the horizon and proudly oh so proudly watch you SOAR.

I love you so very much and for always, EAGLE CHEF CARLO 🦅 HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



A walk would simply be an easy gait or a purposeful stride of an individual.

But a walk with a dearest brother is powerfully priceless. Comforting, reassuring, empowering. Just like the very presence of my beloved brother in my life.

Yes Carl, you impact my life so authentically. You make me smile and laugh from the heart. You help me focus on the brighter dimensions of life. You open my eyes to see how strong I truly am. You guide me with your words of wisdom. You make me feel so loved with your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Thank you for our special walk in life together.


May you always be victorious with God’s overflowing fountain of joy, strength, faith, love, and all His choicest best for you!






What is a brother? I could Google search countless definitions. I could ask around and listen to many interesting stories. I could introspect and reflect on a thousand life lessons. I could go around the world and observe various cultures. And yet after all that, everything would simply point to YOU. You are truly a brother I am so blessed to have, to celebrate, to cherish, to respect, to admire. And I am so grateful that you are in my life. I love you forever, Carl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAMP!!! ❤️