For the Love of Pineapples

Hey everybody! Firstly, I want to send a huge thanks to YBP for providing me with her platform to reach you all. It’s really a pleasure to be here!

Now, one thing I can tell you about myself is that I absolutely LOVE gardening, and more specifically, practicing horticulture! Recently, I wrote a piece documenting my journey of growing a pineapple from a pineapple crown for the first time (you can follow my experience here), and considering that I’ve been nurturing this plant for over 2 years now, I have really grown attached to it! 

Yes, THAT attached haha.

After making sure it didn’t get too dry, feeding it regularly, and sheltering it from the cold when winter rolled around, the sentimental value of this plant grew tremendously. And as a result, which I showcased in my previous article, my plant gifted me with a fresh, new pineapple! But I have a confession that I failed to reveal in that post…

That’s not my only pineapple plant! 😀 

So, by request, I’m here to introduce you to my “growing” pineapple family 😉

It’s now November, and the temperatures have become suboptimal for my little beauties, so I’ve brought them inside to stay warm and comfortable. For my first guests, please meet the pineapple version of the Jackson 5, whom I dub the Piña 5! (Piña is Spanish for pineapple) 😀 Which one do you think is the “Piña” version of Michael Jackson? 

The Pina 5! They are 3 to 4 months in and looking great!

To continue with my musician-naming parody, next up is Ike Piña! ☺ 

A close up of a plant

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Ike is my oldest pineapple in the family, by a couple months. Earlier this summer, I had applied some foliar fertilizer that unfortunately was mixed at too high a concentration – not doing that again! Subsequently, the leaves experienced some burning which I had to prune off, and that may have stressed the plant out too much to consider producing a fruit this year. However, after bouncing back stronger than ever, I’m looking forward to next summer being its time to shine. *Fingers crossed*

Lastly, we have our main event…*drum roll please*…Tina Piña! 😀 

A close up of a plant

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Tina has really stolen the show this year, as she conceived a baby pineapple back in August and is still nurturing it to maturity. There are still at least a couple more months of growing left in her baby, so I’ll have to wait a little longer before sampling its organic goodness (yes, I grew it and all my other pineapples organically, while hand-picking any weedlings that sprouted). And in the midst of all this excitement, Tina had an additional surprise for us…can you see it from this picture? If not, let me help you out…

A green plant

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Now, can you see that little pineapple sucker poking its head through the foliage? That, my friends, is the newest edition to the family! Maybe you all can help me with some prospective names, as it grows into its own plant! ☺

See, what I have grown to learn and love about pineapples is that they are gifts that keep on giving, as long as you give them love! Pineapples, in my opinion, are a microcosm of how the universe works which dictates that what you put in, is what you get out of it. Although admittedly pineapples are so resilient, they don’t require much attention at all to perform well!

I will be continuing to track the progress of the Piñas, supplementing them with grow lights and a stable climate to keep them happy through the winter, so be sure to subscribe to our page at Science Lion Media so you can receive notification of my updated harvest post in a few months. Additionally, I plan on conducting different growing experiments over the upcoming years to optimize the quality of my harvested pineapples, so stay tuned!

That’s going to do it for me on this post, but make sure to try growing your own pineapple(s); you won’t regret it, at all. Much love everyone!

A close up of some flowers

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Ike and Tina Piña stepping in the name of love, under the grow lights!

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How to Live Pure Love on WP and in Life

Living out Pure Love

Is a life-long sincere task;

It’s integrity.

It’s being sincere,

Not a phony endeavor.

Choose to exude love!

Love can see beauty

In all people and places – 

Shines light on shadows.

Let your feelings show.

Keep smiling, laughing, singing.

You are infectious!

Thank you, Yeka (YBP) at IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE, 

for Beeing Love.

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Till our next run, let’s continue to live out Love and BEE LOVE!!!

I was blown away with Jan’s all-out support on celebrating LOVE and our special BEE LOVE AWARD through her immediate passion-filled participation!

And when I invited her to do a special Guest Post on how she lives out love on WP and in life, she responded with the same endearing enthusiasm!




Yes , our energies combine to form synergies …
Near or far , just keep shining like a star…
God is in everyone and everything,
After the winter comes the spring,
Birds start to sing ,
Blessings all would bring ,
Life is a wonderful and mysterious thing …

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Thanks for your wonderful visit, friends!

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Till our next run, looking forward to gazing at more lovely Mirrors with you! ❤️



I would like to say “Thank You” to Yeka for giving me the honor of writing this Guest Post.

We go through life taking care of our personal medical, sometimes spiritual, but when it comes to our mental health we give little regard to it, until we come face to face with a crisis. A crisis that overtakes us without warning.  It can be triggered by a sudden death of a loved one, a tragedy within the family unit.

My first experience with a mental health crisis was with a family member experiencing signs of schizophrenia. It seemed to come out of the blue without any warning.

The next crisis would be my own, attempted suicide via an overdose of sleeping pills. The trigger was total burnout, and a crisis of faith.  Things that I just couldn’t espouse any more.

I would experience several more episodes, then diagnosed bi-polar.  With help from a psychiatrist and proper medications I am stable. I have learned through all this how to recognize the start of panic attacks, with learned coping skills I can avert a full blown attack.

My advice to the reader is to take time to deal with stress whether it be at work, school, or at home. 

Never go to bed angry, learn skills to release the anger in a healthy manner.

Have a proper intake of nutrition, we are what we eat.

Be thankful not only for the big things, but, for the tiniest.

You only have one mind, it matters what you do with it!

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Till our next run, may we live boldly and courageously knowing that we have the power to be the best version of ourselves! ❤️