You can only give what you have. So, what if you give of yourself so abundantly? What could that possibly reflect?

Ahh LOVE. Only Pure Love.

My friends, I’d like to share with you my personal definition of Love. Actually, I’d like to introduce you to my special definition of Love. My Beloved Beautiful Sister.

She lavishes me and our entire family with so much sweet, inspiring, enduring love. And she expresses it in a way that touches our hearts forever.

Here are but some of the countless tributes she’s blessed us with.

Wow my sister’s river of love surely overflows! And that is even an understatement.

So where does she get all of her Beyond Wonderful Love that she constantly showers us with?

Well, let’s just say that her love expressions flow so effortlessly, so richly, so deeply, so magnificently, so melodiously, so beautifully, so majestically, so authentically. Right from her very center. Right from her very core.

Yes, Love is a person. And her name is Liesl Batucan. ❤️



The strangest thing happened on my way home today. I saw a hearse. Yup, a hearse. Literally, in front of me. I just realized what it was when I needed to slow down due to the building traffic on the road.

And just like that, I went to my rich inner world and played a movie in my mind. Mind you though, I’m a very safe driver with an amazing clean record to boot! Not that I’m turning defensive here (although that’s exactly my driving style, haha!), but I want to assure you of my multi-tasking ability (that is, driving safely on “auto-pilot” and running free with my imagination) when I know the destination so well. And obviously, I’m an expert at locating my home. (Confession:  Ooops! with the help of Waze at times.) Otherwise, I’d be in deep trouble, haha!

Anyway, back to our regular programming (Excuse the side trip or mini digression.), where was I? …. Oh yes, the hearse. It got me thinking ….. Well, a lot of things get me thinking.

I actually saw myself lying there inside the coffin. Safely tucked inside the hearse. Then, after a split second, that scene segued to the funeral rites. People were standing still in deep reflection. Some shed a few tears. Others were sobbing. Melancholy filled the air ….. and it was further punctuated with the droplets of rain that started to fall. It’s as if the sky was crying too.

I snapped out of that odd dream sequence when the car behind me honked. (My thought bubble went, “Okay, okay! I heard you!”)  Then I zoomed to show the car behind me that I was very much alive, haha!

By the time I got home, I chilled and turned on the radio. KISS 102.7 played in full blast “One More Night” …. The lyrics? “So I cross my heart and I hope to die….” Oh c’mon now! Gimme a break! I mean, I adore you, Maroon 5 ….. but really?!?! Of all your awesome songs, you serenade me with this?!?! I would’ve danced immediately if you chose “Sugar” instead!

So that set off my mind to “Wanderland” again….and as you can easily predict, I landed in the same movie that was screening earlier on the road. Talk about perfect timing, I was in sync for the climactic portion ….. the Eulogy.

Ohhhh my heart! At that point, I needed tissue. Boxes and boxes of tissue. Why? I was touched beyond words …. with the outpouring of appreciation, the abundance of gratitude, the showcase of happy memories, the overflowing love. Deep, sweet love. And then the movie camera zoomed out gloriously to take a majestic top shot.

Next scene: Back at home, I smiled. A victorious smile.

So Death, what would they say? Well, I’m writing the script of the century ….. and I’m starting today! ❤️

Just for laughs, I prefer white! 🙂