In the Philippines ….. beautiful land of my birth, we love to say MABUHAY!

It’s a greeting that encompasses all good grace and favor wished upon someone. It’s expressed in the imperative form of the word “life”, thus, “Mabuhay!” translates to “Live!”, from the root word “buhay” (life).

And LIVE. That’s exactly what we do as a nation. We are home to multifarious cultures and traditions that have captured international interest.

When you visit our lovely country, you should definitely visit our world-acclaimed beaches. And mind you, we have a plethora of them, what with our 7,107 islands.

I love how Conde’ Nast Traveler described one of our most popular beaches (The 24 Best Island Beaches in the World), El Nido, Palawan. “Palawan continues to rank highly in our Readers’ Choice Awards. El Nido alone is home to around 50 white sand beaches—it’s impossible to choose just one—all of which are set around dramatic limestone formations and have the finest and whitest sand you’ll ever see. The water is so blindingly blue it makes the Caribbean Sea look murky in comparison. And the sunsets? Well, they’ll ruin you for life. Consider yourself warned.” Haha, I can attest to that for I’ve experienced life at its finest in El Nido, Palawan. Breathtakingly beyond compare? Woah, major understatement!

Would love to share more of the Philippines with you in my future posts. For now, it’s a gorgeous, sunshiny day, and so my mind is on the beach …. Bring out the margarita, bellini, mojito, and piña colada! (Wow, someone’s getting real thirsty over here, haha!)…. How I wish! Just imagining and simply pining…. I terribly miss El Nido! Well, reality check? Yup! I’m safe here cozied up in my home sweet home.

Over and beyond our gloriously awesome tourist spots, though, you will fall in love with our people. We are naturally warm, friendly, hospitable, and nurturing.  We have the gift of ease. You’ll feel so comfortable, so at home in our presence, that you won’t even want to leave.

I took a pocket of time to share this lovely slice of my life since some of you asked me where I come from.

I know that ultimately, in our WP community, we live as one. We are family. And so, I send my happy hugs …. And yes, MABUHAY TO ALL OF YOU! ❤️


63 thoughts on “MABUHAY! LIVE, LOVE! ❤️”

    1. Ohhhh Sophie! I wasn’t prepared for this ….. I actually burst into tears 😢😢😢……
      I’ve always known that you write amazing poetry …. you have such depth of insight …. you feel so freely …. it moves us all profoundly …. And yet, over and beyond all that, I FEEL YOU…. YOUR LOVE…. YOUR SWEETNESS…. YOUR AUTHENTICITY…..it melts my heart and touches me to my core. I love you and I thank you ever so humbly …… I will share this beautiful masterpiece with my family …. and I know they will love you too for it…. KEEP LOVING AND LIVING WITH SKY’S THE LIMIT PASSION!!!! You are truly my beloved beautiful Dragon Warrior. And yes, I will fight with you till the end …. ❤️

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      1. Oh, my dearest Yeka, I am so moved. Thank you so much! You really are an amazing person for me! Tatsuya has something for you too 🙂
        I am so, so, so happy that you liked it! I am so happy that I have found a way to express my love to you! ❤ You are certainly my ever encouraging friend and thank you for everything you said… 🙂 ❤

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      2. OMG! Sophie Dearest, please kiss and hug Tatsuya for me …. such a pretty painting! 🙂
        Makes me remember “little Yeka”” when I fashioned a similar hairdo years back ….now that I’m much “younger” (hahahaha …. non-stop laughter and wink!), I’m sporting a happy, short “do. Yaya super thrilled to have my very own painting …. Now, who needs a Mona Lisa? 🙂 SENDING HAPPY HUGS!!! 🙂

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      1. Haha …. I love ruminations … I love delving deeper into life…. and as for religion, I focus more on my personal realtionship with God…. so grateful since He is the ultimate reason I’m still here … been through a lot and ever so grateful for God’s Awesome LOVE! 🙂


      2. Exactly …. I simply want to stay my authentic self …. and I’m so grateful that we all have converged in our awesome WP community …. our family!:)
        Wishing you goodness … I love to wish that upon us all… I think the world would be even much better with goodness overflowing …. so I start with myself ….


  1. I’m ready to hop a plane and go right now! Wow! Beautiful. I had a teaching colleague who was from the Philippines-Neme was the sweetest friend. I always associate her with your birthland and those tasty rolls she made for school potlucks (lumpia ?). Mmmm

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    1. The plane is ready haha! And so are the gorgeous beaches! ✈️ 🏖 🏝
      Aww thanks for sharing that sweet story …. so happy Nene shared her sweet love …. and her yummy LUMPIA!!!! In Filipino, we say MASARAP! (Meaning delicious! ) 😃
      Have a great day! 💕💕💕💕💕

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    1. Oh thanks so much for your lovely appreciation! Yes the Philippines is a country of gorgeous beaches indeed, and lovely caring people! 💕💕💕 I celebrate the land of my birth with gratitude as we do our whole world! 🌍❤️😄


  2. “MABUHAY” What a lovely world from a beautiful country 😊 There are many fellow bloggers from Philippines and they are always the nicest!
    Beautiful islands and hope to visit El Nido and other places one day, I’m sure you are very warm and hospitable people 😊😊
    Thank you for sharing 😊 ❤

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    1. Dearest Huguette, your abundance speaks volumes. Thank you so much for your hearty appreciation! Such sweet goodness! 💕💕💕 Yes, over and beyond my beautiful country …. we are a lovely, caring, nurturing and hospitable people. Thanks with love! MABUHAY!!! 😊❤️☀️😊❤️☀️

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  3. Lovely! Gorgeous and to see with one’s own eyes, hard to share how truely beautiful it is. But your pics are giving us that lovely slice of heaven.
    As my friend would greet me, I send greetings….
    Magandang Hapon!

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    1. Wonderful! We are al blessed with such a beautifully amazing world! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!! 🌼😀☀️🌟 Mabuhay with LOVE!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕


    1. Oh hi Jessica! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 Gosh just saw your message now ….. wooooow you grew up in Palawan? Awesome! Meanwhile, wow the Caribbean? That’s on my bucket list! 😀☀️🌼💛

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