One of my classmates stated she is going to speak on the topic of mental health for the course of  the term for our assignments. Her topic caught my attention and I can’t wait to see how her project unfolds. There is a stigma to mental health. We usually think of someone with psychological issues when we think of mental health. That is part of it but that is just the tip of the iceberg. A person who internalizes their feelings can experience depression and social issues.

Too many people are suffering in silence. Our neighbors, colleagues and even members at our church and our social media friends may not look like they are struggling because most people don’t post about their sadness and shame.

We have become good at hiding our suffering.

In vulnerable and authentic conversations, I hear people say…everyone seems to have it all together.

So, who do you talk to?

Some people don’t talk to their family members because they are part of the problem—they don’t share what’s going with someone in their church because everyone appears to have this perfect life.

Shame wins when you remain silent about your pain because of fear and judgement.

I want to inspire the courage to share your pain with someone who has wisdom and compassion. I do not want people to suffer in silence like I did during my teens and beyond. By reaching out and getting the right kind of support you can begin to heal.

It can be scary to reach out for help. Sometimes you don’t know who to trust or who to talk to. We need to cultivate in our community of faith permission to share struggles. The scripture says in James 5:16 therefore, openly acknowledge your sins to one another, and pray for each other, so that you may be healed (Complete Jewish Bible).

My challenge is for you is to reach out to someone—Whether it’s to show your care for someone or to reach out for your own help.

Never underestimate the power of a courageous act.

I would like to invite you to the Rock Church where the power of God will meet you right at the place of your need. Come experience our dynamic worship services Sundays @ 10 am and our miracle and empowerment service @ 6pm. We are located at 9321 Edgebrook Houston, TX 77075. Not in town? No worries, you can steam in at or Facebook live at Reflection of Christ Kingdom.

GATES: A special series that focuses on healthy self-love, self-value, self-care, self-nurturing, and self-empowerment. ❤️

For even more powerful inspiration, do visit Kim of Beyond My Limitations! ❤️

Till our next run, may we live boldly and courageously knowing that we have the power to be the best version of ourselves! ❤️



  1. My dear friend,

    We all should start caring about each other and give a helping hand when we see someone is suffering, at least in our near surrounding. So many years ago I went to our church and asked to help people who are lonesome, or are needy persons. I got one address and since then a very good friendship developed over the last 10 years. I go to an older person who had already had
    three brain strokes and always fought back to move his arms and legs and started to learn to speak again. The service to man is really a great compassion and we should do it with any expectation – as true love is unconditional like the sun that gives his light to everyone without asking if he or she is rich, poor, good or bad. When we understand that we are all one, drops in the ocean of the Almighty, then we can start to see in each person of us a brother or sister in Him. The more we help selflessly, the mor our own ego will get smaller and smaller. Service and love to man is the expression of beauty, compassion and understanding.

    As Gandhi said: “Be the change if you wish to see a change in the world…” – so we have to start with our own self and become an expample that many many more people will follow the path of love and compassion, the religion of love and light.

    Thank you very much, may you and yours be blessed
    From heart to heart

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  2. Own your joy so that you can be happier and bring more energy to the world. That ripple effect works on a quantum level. It brings about changes in the world.

    Gabrielle Bernstein


  3. God bless you for sharing this incredible post. I could not agree more with every word written. As someone who regularly suffers from sadness, anxiety and a feeling of unworthiness myself – people need to know they are not alone and that there really isn’t anything wrong with them. We have an enemy who seeks to devour us, derail us and destroy us – even unto death. Having at least one person (even if it is the Holy Spirit for a time) to release all that internal dialogue with is absolutely critical.

    We can become so paralyzed by the thoughts plaguing our minds. They seem so real, so valid. In reality, they are lies. We need to be reminded of this and have someone reach down into our darkness with their loving hand and pull us up out of the mess. For some people that takes a little longer than others. Regardless, everyone needs someone who genuinely loves and cares for them sincerely.

    Help is available and it is deserved. No one has it all together, no matter what it appears on the outside. We need people to stop being phony and simply be transparent with what’s going on in their lives. I don’t mean just blabbing your business to anyone or everyone. Far from. But the “oh everything is perfect” nonsense needs to end. It isolates people even further. Be real and find out just how many lives God can use you to touch. Pain happens to everyone. 🤗 All my love to you, dear Yeka and Kim. Powerful article!


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