The Alphabet Game of Love

One of the most common things that happens in a relationship, once the newness wears off, is either not saying, “I love you” often enough or else saying it almost as an afterthought.  Couples do tend to say, “I love you” when they are parting for some reason…heading out the door to work, even going to sleep.  But using the words often becomes a matter of routine, and while the words are true, the value is lost in the routine.
A great way to keep this from happening is to play what is called, “The Alphabet Game of Love.”  It requires a little bit of pre-set-up, but the real challenge is in the gameplay.Using a calendar, label each day with a corresponding letter of the alphabet, omitting Q, X, and Z (these are always difficult letters).  On the day each letter is assigned, replace the word “love” with a word that starts with the assigned letter.For example, with the letter A, substitute adore, appreciate, accept.  For the letter B, try believe in, bask in. 
The challenge is that the phrase cannot be used if there is not a word to replace love with the corresponding letter.  And words can’t be used more than once. Be forewarned, this is not easy!  But what it accomplishes is that it makes each person in the couple stop and think about a true feeling, sentiment or value they place upon their partner, rather than stating their love in a rote way. 
It also provides a sense of competition, which couples enjoy when playing against each other.  And yet, there are no losers.  Each person gets to hear something true and meaningful from the other on a daily basis, and this sharing increases their bond as they honor the other. And don’t worry if you can’t think of a word, no matter how hard you try! 
As stated, this is not easy!  It’s okay to, once in a while, throw out a funny, off-the-wall word (imagine something like ‘peacock’ for the letter P!).  It will make you both laugh, and laughing together is also a great way to increase your bond! (For more difficulty, a cup/jar/basket filled with individual pieces of paper with a letter of the alphabet can be used instead of a calendar.  A random letter is pulled out the night before to be used the next day.  This gives the couple less time to prepare ahead to think of words to use.)

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Till our next run, let’s keep pressing in to joy and opening more hearts with love!



  1. I love this idea! What a sweet way to find new ways to express your love for your spouse each day! God’s heart must swell every time we share our heart with one of His kids – especially within the covenant of marriage. ❤❤❤

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