Have you ever noticed how love songs aired on the radio jump out at you when you’re in love? Or how pregnant women uncannily cross your path when you’re expecting a child? Or how the flashiest sports cars zoom along the freeway when you just come from an auto show?

I could go on and on, and yet we get the picture. Clear as daylight. In life, we gravitate towards what our mind focuses on. When we want to see opportunities, we see just that. In spite of the current challenging landscape. On the other hand, when we want to see threats, we see just that. In spite of the current booming landscape.

For our brains are intelligently wired to find answers to our questions just as missiles are strategically locked on to their targets.

A power thought to consider.

It takes intentionality to think more powerfully, creatively, productively, and proactively.

So, if you’re thinking along those lines of generally healthy ways that benefit your mind, heart, body, soul, and spirit, then keep that positive momentum. 

But if you feel any negative vibes that somehow spiral out of control, if you experience dauntingly stressful patterns, then immediately stop in your tracks and check your headspace. Grab hold of your thoughts and don’t just let them suck you into a vortex of despair. Check in with yourself and consider your focus. Yes, seriously assess what you’re actually thinking of.

What is your inner dialogue? What are you giving airtime to? What are you giving a performance stage to?

Power Fact: You have the power ultimately. You hold the baton to your own orchestra. You hold the paint brush to your own canvas. You hold the remote control to your own TV set.

In today’s world, changes occur at breakneck speed. An absurd influx of data and stimuli vie for our attention. Even streaming videos on demand paradoxically complicates life with easier access to data. So much is going on all around simultaneously. That is life now.

And although these are also admittedly exciting, pulsating times, we can all afford to wear the cap of wise vigilance.

We can stand tall as sentinels. To guard the gates of our minds. To guard the gates of our hearts. To guard the gates of our bodies. To guard the gates of our souls. To guard the gates of our spirits.

For everything starts with the thought. Both the empowering thought and the disempowering thought.



45 thoughts on “FOCUS ON YOUR FOCUS ❤️”

  1. Power Fact: You have the power ultimately. You hold the baton to your orchestra. You hold the paint brush to your canvas. You hold the remote control to your own TV set.

    I love this. I love this so much.
    Thank you for your motivation and love, Yeka ❤

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      1. Oh how sweet! Sending you happy hugs! SUPER LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Amazing artwork and layout ….. such lovely artistry …..
        bellissima. tu e il tuo blog ❤️🍷🥰


  2. SMiLes Pass Code Love Yeka so True We Become What
    We Focus And Interact With in Life sadly if we don’t interact at least and
    at best Co-Create and Co-Produce.. We Lose Focus And Become a Watered Down
    Version of Someone else’s target audience.. i surely will relate to this trapped in the
    Passive World of So Many TV Shows Growing Up with Quiet Hands and Feet that Did
    Play Outdoors but what might i have done if i started Painting instead of Watching 3 Black
    and White TV Stations and
    Sure Playing
    That ‘Pong
    Game’ where
    the Electronic
    Ball bounced back
    and forth and back and forth
    True a bit of an escape and a trance-like
    State but Not enough Quiet of the Mind to Co-Create…
    There is something to be said for the Garage innovator
    but there is also the Revenge of the Nerds where everyone
    else Just goes with the Program at hand.. Yes You are So right
    We are What We Feed Our Minds and We Are the Potential that
    We Become depending on How we adapt to the Environment at
    Hand.. It’s kinda sad to think that if Michelangelo and Leonardo
    were born today there might not be Any “David’ as Sculpture
    or Painting of the ‘Last Supper’ Where Leonardo who wore
    a Beard and Long Hair that was antithetical to
    His Culture provided His Freedom of Hair
    and Beard to the Work of Art he
    painted of Jesus and “The Last
    Supper” and all
    Stands for
    As Love that will forgive
    before transgression comes
    Thanks Giving For Giving so
    Amazing in Balance of Grace when We Color World Love..
    Smiles my Friend i wish to inspire more folks to Free Dance
    To better Regulate their Emotions and Integrate their Senses
    to set their Spirit Free not so trapped in Deadlines of Life as
    That is what the NeoCortex does best for Survival in deed..
    also i would Love to inspire more folks to Sing but since
    Hardly no one sings in the Congregation of our Catholic
    Church anymore unless it is Christmas Day i have
    no choice but to listen to my own voice
    but true How Singing Old Church
    Spirituals Will Lift our Spirit
    up in True Healing Force of
    Love my Friend nothing
    Fancy not even
    a discernable Video
    Just a voice who still believes
    in the Essence of Amazing Grace
    Thanks Giving For Giving Love my FRiEnD..
    i Truly believe in the metaphor of Pass Code Love So True in all Effect (God)..:)

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  3. Very true. What you focus on seems to grow whether it is good or bad. For a time I thought whether they were signs as I am seeing the same type of things. But I realised it really comes down to my own focus that narrows my view of things. It reiterates to me that I can change my outside just by changing my focus. Thanks for the good read.

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    1. Thanks for your sweet message dear Annie! 🥰❤️😍Saw your inspiring PM. So blessed and humbled with your love. I love you! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕


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