Have you ever noticed how love songs aired on the radio jump out at you when you’re in love? Or how pregnant women uncannily cross your path when you’re expecting a child? Or how the flashiest sports cars zoom along the freeway when you just come from an auto show?

I could go on and on, and yet we get the picture. Clear as daylight. In life, we gravitate towards what our mind focuses on. When we want to see opportunities, we see just that. In spite of the current challenging landscape. On the other hand, when we want to see threats, we see just that. In spite of the current booming landscape.

For our brains are intelligently wired to find answers to our questions just as missiles are strategically locked on to their targets.

A power thought to consider.

It takes intentionality to think more powerfully, creatively, productively, and proactively.

So, if you’re thinking along those lines of generally healthy ways that benefit your mind, heart, body, soul, and spirit, then keep that positive momentum. 

But if you feel any negative vibes that somehow spiral out of control, if you experience dauntingly stressful patterns, then immediately stop in your tracks and check your headspace. Grab hold of your thoughts and don’t just let them suck you into a vortex of despair. Check in with yourself and consider your focus. Yes, seriously assess what you’re actually thinking of.

What is your inner dialogue? What are you giving airtime to? What are you giving a performance stage to?

Power Fact: You have the power ultimately. You hold the baton to your own orchestra. You hold the paint brush to your own canvas. You hold the remote control to your own TV set.

In today’s world, changes occur at breakneck speed. An absurd influx of data and stimuli vie for our attention. Even streaming videos on demand paradoxically complicates life with easier access to data. So much is going on all around simultaneously. That is life now.

And although these are also admittedly exciting, pulsating times, we can all afford to wear the cap of wise vigilance.

We can stand tall as sentinels. To guard the gates of our minds. To guard the gates of our hearts. To guard the gates of our bodies. To guard the gates of our souls. To guard the gates of our spirits.

For everything starts with the thought. Both the empowering thought and the disempowering thought.