Thank you Yeka for asking me to share some of my life lessons.  Each of these reflections comes from my journal, which is updated with thoughtful words from reading and commenting on others’ blog posts.  These are in no particular order.

1. God has much in store for the coming days, weeks, months, and years.  He feeds us with the bread of life.

2. Happiness can show up in unexpected places.

3. Love brings an avenue for a person to support another.  This is the richness of true unconditional love.

4. I can never expect to walk perfectly with Jesus, but I can work to listen to Him and abide in His teachings.

5. Young love may be filled with excitement and passion, but love that matures and blossoms like a rose is wonderfully precious.

6. Sometimes, all we need for a successful journey in life is to take that very first step.

7. Life is worth savoring precious and special moments with the people whom we love and care about.

8. We should never give in to the power that tries to muzzle us.  Yes, let us keep swinging for the fences and take our best shot.

9. Having true friends is precious!  We need to stay connected with these special relationships.

10. We all have our own identity, which allows us to leave unique footprints in the sand.

11. Humility is a word of strength to Christians.  We humbly walk with Christ just as He humbly walked with His Father.

LAMPS: A special series of Top Life Lessons and Guideposts ❤️

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September Take-Aways

Good-bye September! You’ve been a very good month – Messages each day.

My take-aways were Great daily inspirations – Always carry them!

When glancing to the right, You see numbers 1-15, Next page to 30.

Every day I write The take-away to carry In heart to guide me.

It provides a list That inspires me to live Thankful for blessings.

Lord, Please strip me of me Until nothing remains but YOU!

These are my daily prayers. It was an inspirational September.

Daily Guideposts take-aways for each day of September  – Carry these with you:

1. Thank God for my family and friends

2. God bless all our laborers

3. Thank God for our “hood”

4. God is Always with me

5. Stay Connected in Love

6. Rely on God’s Strength

7. Walk in Step with Jesus

8. Listen to God’s Wisdom

9. Lord, Increase my Insight

10. Trust God with my Dreams

11. Never Forget 9-11

12. He walks with Me

13. Trust Him

14. Give Love Unconditionally

15. Jesus Forgives “Missteaks”

16. Be Consistent; and Treasure People

17. Use Your Gifts to Praise God

18. Live in the Hope of the Lord

19. Focus on God’s Grace

20. A Hug Includes Letting Go

21. Bless my Former Students (Thank You, Lord, for giving me chances to positively influence others)

22. Lift my Hands, Heart & Voice to Praise God

23. I Am at Home in my Soul with God

24. Make Wise Choices

25. Lord, Hear my Prayers

26. Serve with Compassion

27. Pray for a Cancer Cure

28. Thank God for His Gift of Peace

29. Take Courage in All Circumstances

30. Lean on God Always

Many of these daily themes in Daily Guideposts were the inspirations for my daily blogs. The end of the “Daily Devotions for Living by Faith” called These Days features three coloring pages. I will write about them tomorrow …  telling about the way coloring can relieve stress.

As September ends and I send this book off to my grandson, I thank God for the people who write these daily messages – and for the way in which they inspire my life. I hope they inspire yours today, too. Thank you for sharing! God bless you!

See ya tomorrow

LAMPS: A special series of Top Life Lessons and Guideposts ❤️

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My sweet friend, Yeka, who is beautiful both inside and out, has asked me to do another Guest Post here on her blog! This makes me smile big, 😁because she and I have a lot in common—We are all about LOVE. ❤️ 💜💛💚💙🧡!!! 

Here goes! She has asked me to share my Top 10 Life Lessons. When pondering about this one, my Mom immediately came to mind. She loved idioms! So I will throw “a few” of those in the mix! I don’t know where I would be today without her influence and advice, so I would like to share what she taught me. A code if you will, that I try to live by. These are in no particular order.

My Mama & Me

Top 10 Life Lessons from Renee at Heart Tokens!

1—Treat Others As You Would Want To Be Treated.
 It’s living life under the golden rule. Having empathy and kindness for your fellow man. Everyone deserves respect and love. 

2—Handsome Is As Handsome Does. Outward beauty isn’t true beauty. True beauty comes from within. It’s how you act and treat others that marks that beauty, and lets it shine forth through you!

3—The Best Things In Life Are Free. Number one on that list would be a smile. Why walk around looking like you’ve been baptized in pickle juice? Don’t worry how straight your teeth are. I’ve seen the most beautiful smiles with horrible teeth! But I could feel the love radiating from behind that smile and joy in that person’s eyes! So the bad teeth went unnoticed in my book. Kindness, mercy, love—they are all free. Don’t cost a thing to share with the world!

4—Let Things Roll Off You Like Water Off A Duck’s Back. There is something in a duck’s feathers that makes water just roll right off, without getting soaked. That’s how we should be. Don’t let the negativity of others stick. Their attitudes, words, actions. This one is a hard one, and many days will require just walking away without saying a word. Maybe even smiling while doing so!

5—What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander. We should be fair and not show favoritism. We don’t treat the poor any different from the rich. Educated from the simple. All are on the same level at the foot of the cross.

6—The Grass Is Never Greener On The Other Side. If it is, it’s just the septic tank overflow! We should be content with what we have. Our possessions, our outward appearance. Don’t sweat the things we can’t change.

7—Hold Your Horses. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait. When us kids were in a hurry for something, Mama would usually remind us to hold our horses. She would get to it when she could.

8—Be The First To Raise The White Flag. Be quick to say your sorry, surrender or resolve an issue. It may have been the other person’s fault, but it will save a lot of heartache to try to make peace in the situation if possible.

9—Never Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have messed up on this one. What can I say? I tend to be pig-headed and a little hard-boiled at times!  It’s try and try again for me! It’s never a good idea to expect we will be getting a certain amount of money coming in and make a purchase “in advance.” Then, comes the unexpected—sickness, missed days at work, a cancelled job, a lay-off. There you are left holding the bag, so to speak! In a pickle!

10—The Sun Will Shine Again.   I can roll several idioms together in this one. Roll with the punches. Go with the flow. Things will often happen out of the blue. Nothing is sure but death and taxes  But the most important thing to remember when the bad days and events come our way, THE SUN WILL ALWAYS SHINE AGAIN!!! The sun will always come up and set each and every single day, till God calls us home. Then He will be THAT LIGHT. So, till then, I hope these things at least made you smile  and made you think  or at least stick to your guns  on what makes you successful in life! 

LAMPS: A special series of Top 10 Life Lessons ❤️

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