haiku, oh, haiku

what would I do without you?

you open my world

As a little girl, I was mesmerized one day at elementary school. I still remember her name. Mrs. Hadarly. She opened my eyes. She opened my mind. She opened my heart. She opened my world. She introduced the haiku to me in class.

I was as giddy as one could get when I came up with my first “tiny poem”. That’s how my classmates coined it. All of a sudden, I felt immediately transformed. Wow, an “artist” is born, I thought to myself.

So my haiku adventure began. I had loads of thoughts to share, although words didn’t come that easily. My classmates and I referred to dictionaries just to write our haikus in class. You see, terms weren’t “Googable” yet, haha! (Ooops that obviously reveals my age, so let’s not get into that! *wink, wink*)

Something magical happened when I completed my haiku project. My teacher said that my work was very good. And that was music to my ears. In fact, it played a lovely song in my head the whole day. Her positive feedback got me all fired up and I wished then that we could just focus on haikus the whole year. I loved the feeling of being great at something!

Fast forward to this day. I enjoy my romance with haikus. In fact, I tease myself that if the haiku were a fine gentleman, I would’ve married him, haha!

As I go through life, I find myself thinking in haikus. I love to be in the moment and view the world from different angles, with different glasses, considering different lifestyles, different stages, different backgrounds. My natural empathy draws me to others and inspires me to reflect on possible haikus for their lives too.

I love the haiku for its simplicity, its purity, its authenticity, its depth, its insightfulness.

Anyway, hmmm, I wonder how Mrs. Hadarly is doing these days. Would love to visit and thank her over a cup of coffee …..

dear mrs. hadarly

little yeka loves you so

you have sown your seed


Thanks so much for joining me on this lovely day! Do drop me a haiku. That would make my heart smile! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️